Saturday, December 30, 2006

6 months down the road.

It’s now 12 at night and Anne and Koby have fallen asleep. I was fairly sure I’d never open my blog again to make a new post, but something made me write today…. It’s now 6 months since I had been declared tumour free and a lot has happened in this time.

It’s been just 3 days since I went for my check up CT scan and was reassured that the lymphoma is gone for good.

Work keeps me busy, I will be the only surgical resident in my unit for the next 3 months as our seniors study for their final exams. Anne is neck deep in her postings as well, with frequent labour room and ward duties.

Koby (baptized – Nathan George Kochukaleekal Jacob) is now a 8 month old bubbly baby who keeps us just waiting to get home. He has slowly started to stand and coasts around on the furniture; he says ta-ta and just loves music. His grandparents always complain that they don’t get enough of him, but then neither do we!

God has continued to be good to us and we know we would not be this happy smiling family if not for his incredible grace.

Hope you all reading have a great new year.