Monday, June 26, 2006

In Conclusion....

The report of the PET scan reads as follows:
"Considerable reduction in size when compared to the previous imaging, PET-CT findings negative for viable tumour."

I hope that through this blog in the last few months; this chapter in my life has and will continue to give strength and encourage those who feel up against a wall. I would have never made it without so many who held Anne, Koby and me in prayer. God has shown me in so many ways, nearly every day that he looks after the smallest of things.
Thankyou Friends, family and all those around the world who held me up before God in prayer and in their thoughts.
God has given me a second chance at life and I am sure he will do the same for all who find it in them to trust him completely.

This will be my last entry in this Blog. Continue to uphold us in prayer. God bless and goodbye!

In his time, he makes all things beautiful.
Lord please show me everyday as You teach me your way
That You do just what You say, In Your time.

PS- my e-mail ID, will still be active in the future, please get in touch if anyone reading needs anything I can help out with.

Friday, June 23, 2006

To Hydrabad again.

Tomorrow (24 June) will be the PET scan, I have been waiting for – virtually for the past ?6 months! It’s just a confirmation that things are all right. And it will be.
We leave early tomorrow, morning at about 1 am, and drive to Madras. Catch the flight at about 5 am to Hydrabad. The scan will be early tomorrow morning and we should be able to leave, and catch our flight back at 6 in the evening and be home late night tomorrow.
Tripti and Santosh came over to our place in hospital for dinner tonight. It was great to have them over. The advantage of having two maids (one on loan for a month from Anne’s mum), is that we have great food 24 X 7!
Appa as CMC registrar is busy getting the results ready for the selections this year. He’s been really busy and working hard on this year’s set. He will probably kill me for this picture of him, taken at a completely different time and in a different context– but what the heck – it’s lovely!
There is a picture too, of Tripti with her hair that had been straightened out for their reception in Manipal. I quite like it, and I think it’s a good conclusion to the series of their wedding snaps. Thank you, all who wrote in wishing them well.
When they came over for dinner tonight, Koby welcomed them with a broad smile and promptly peed on both of them (welcome!).
I will close now and go get some shut eye - Looong day ahead!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Reception 2

So, just to get some words down to the pictures over the last few posts – the reception in Vellore went off really well. Poor Santosh and Tripti were still recovering from the crowds in Mangalore to get swamped by a couple thousand people again would have been a bit taxing. They are still recovering!

The entire reception was planned around our lawn at home, with various stalls for different foods – buffet style (dosai’s of various fillings, mommo’s sevai, cashewnut rava and various deserts). In Vellore a usual reception is a mutton biriyani served on a banana leaf – it’s what I look forward to in a wedding, but Amma was sure that this idea would work – and to say it in a very tail between my legs way ‘she was right!’. All those who came were impressed by the novelty and lay out. In all, it was a good evening for the couple – more importantly. Tripti’s classmates from college were there in full force being their usual boisterous and noisy self. It was great as they added a bit of life to the events. I have a snap here of a few of the “BONE” class.

Anne and I are back to work in full force. I have been posted on Orthopedic lists for these days and Anne is sorting out a lot of thesis and paper reading presentations. Koby has been his usual goo’ boi self!

I fly to Hydrabad this Saturday for my PET scan, it’s 3 months post radiation as of this week(! ya, I can hardly believe it myself), and this scan will be a confirmation that that I am tumour free.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A great day in Mangalore.

I think wedding ceremonies can be very difficult to sit through, especially if it is your own sister ‘leaving’ home. We are back from Mangalore and Tripti’s wedding was such a lovely event. The Church was picture postcard perfect, there were so many of our family and friends to share in her happiness and she was looking nothing short of stunning! Santosh too was looking really great! I was given the responsibility, or should I say the honor of doing the bible reading – aptly from 1 Corinthians 13.

We had a choir from Vellore, all practiced and may I ready with a choral blessing and a special song. Koby was really well behaved and was absolutely no trouble to his parents. The inconvenience of the Bandh in Kerala, didn’t deter a good number of our family from Kerala from braving it to the wedding, despite having to walk back from stations, because some socially irresponsible people protested rising fuel prices. The clowns who made the most fuss, probably don’t even own vehicles – but that’s life.

Well I have a few photographs attached and will put in a few more as the days go by. Today – Anne and I got back to work and my parents drove back the cars from Mangalore. The reception in Vellore is still to go, this Saturday.

We have a lot to be grateful to God for, during this wedding, most importantly for Santosh – a partner and friend that I am sure Tripti will enjoy life’s roller costar ride with, secondly for a beautiful wedding that just fell into place when there were so many variables, and finally for providing friends and family that love them and have wished them well as they start of their life together.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tripti's getting married!

Tripti is getting married this Monday (12 th June). My sister and my best friend, will marry Santosh. It’s a bit difficult to believe that Tripti is getting married, it seems like it was just yesterday that I was stuffing marbles into her mouth, making her be the eternal wicket keeper as we boys played cricket. We stood side by side in Karate, Piano, dance lesions…. We could and can still share anything with each other - Now life has taken it’s natural course and Santosh and she will start off on an incredible journey together. And knowing Santosh, it’s going to be a good one, she is in good hands – I could have wished for nothing better.

Wish them luck Guys, Tripti means a lot to me. My next post will have pictures of the wedding, we leave in a few hours to Mangalore for the wedding, and we have a reception in Vellore next Saturday (17th).

Anesthesia posting is going off well, and I am learning as well as polishing up on my skills. Koby still has us up at night, and now that Anne’s leave is over and she has to get to work the next day, we are a bit stretched. I’ve not blogged in ages! Will write in with details of the wedding. A smile from Koby to sign off, doesn’t he just make your day?