Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A great day in Mangalore.

I think wedding ceremonies can be very difficult to sit through, especially if it is your own sister ‘leaving’ home. We are back from Mangalore and Tripti’s wedding was such a lovely event. The Church was picture postcard perfect, there were so many of our family and friends to share in her happiness and she was looking nothing short of stunning! Santosh too was looking really great! I was given the responsibility, or should I say the honor of doing the bible reading – aptly from 1 Corinthians 13.

We had a choir from Vellore, all practiced and may I ready with a choral blessing and a special song. Koby was really well behaved and was absolutely no trouble to his parents. The inconvenience of the Bandh in Kerala, didn’t deter a good number of our family from Kerala from braving it to the wedding, despite having to walk back from stations, because some socially irresponsible people protested rising fuel prices. The clowns who made the most fuss, probably don’t even own vehicles – but that’s life.

Well I have a few photographs attached and will put in a few more as the days go by. Today – Anne and I got back to work and my parents drove back the cars from Mangalore. The reception in Vellore is still to go, this Saturday.

We have a lot to be grateful to God for, during this wedding, most importantly for Santosh – a partner and friend that I am sure Tripti will enjoy life’s roller costar ride with, secondly for a beautiful wedding that just fell into place when there were so many variables, and finally for providing friends and family that love them and have wished them well as they start of their life together.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tarun,
I was really waiting for this blog . We should give all the praises to lord for this event and hope tripti will have eonderful future too . We will pray for it enjoy make things memorable ...


Doctor Bruno said...

//because some socially irresponsible people //

That was a bit harsh, Tarun.......

But I always had a question

Will this guys stop smoking, drinking or wearing jewels for one day as a token strike just because the price of Cigarettes, Alcohol and Gold keeps on rising

Why is Petrol given a special place and we have to tolerate strike of public transport system