Monday, June 19, 2006

Reception 2

So, just to get some words down to the pictures over the last few posts – the reception in Vellore went off really well. Poor Santosh and Tripti were still recovering from the crowds in Mangalore to get swamped by a couple thousand people again would have been a bit taxing. They are still recovering!

The entire reception was planned around our lawn at home, with various stalls for different foods – buffet style (dosai’s of various fillings, mommo’s sevai, cashewnut rava and various deserts). In Vellore a usual reception is a mutton biriyani served on a banana leaf – it’s what I look forward to in a wedding, but Amma was sure that this idea would work – and to say it in a very tail between my legs way ‘she was right!’. All those who came were impressed by the novelty and lay out. In all, it was a good evening for the couple – more importantly. Tripti’s classmates from college were there in full force being their usual boisterous and noisy self. It was great as they added a bit of life to the events. I have a snap here of a few of the “BONE” class.

Anne and I are back to work in full force. I have been posted on Orthopedic lists for these days and Anne is sorting out a lot of thesis and paper reading presentations. Koby has been his usual goo’ boi self!

I fly to Hydrabad this Saturday for my PET scan, it’s 3 months post radiation as of this week(! ya, I can hardly believe it myself), and this scan will be a confirmation that that I am tumour free.


Sajeev said...

went through your blog on a browing spree today. liked the way you integrated the pics into the flow of the posts.

Hope you are completely healed(my being an engineer sort of prevents me from knowing what exactly is wrong and i haven't gone through all posts just a few here and there but I know God answers prayer!)

Anonymous said...

Its just wonderful to see Tripti all grown up.......and a bride!!!!
She looks absolutely beautiful.
You all look good. Love the beaming smiles on Uncle and Aunty's faces. But the cutest in the party is Koby!
Santosh, welcome to the family (pass on this message Tarun)
Wish I could have been there. But there is another new member of the family on the way, making it difficult for me to travel.
All the best to you for Hyderabad.