Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Surgical resident

Over the last few months, I have been neck deep in work. Our Surgical departments work with a single resident for 4 months in a year, during the time our final year residents go on study leave and the new first year residents join in March. Which means we are on call every day for a 4 month stretch.
Life is actually good over these months in terms of a learning curve, where a lot of responsibility is given to us and our decision making skills are sharpened. One does wish there was more time to spare, but with so much to operate and so much to learn, there is really no room to complain.
I was prompted to publish again after getting to meet up with an interesting chap called Tanweer. He has exactly the same lymphoma as I did and his symptoms were similar too! He is currently on MACOP-B + Rituxan and his wife joins him in Vellore today on their anniversary. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They too have a young son. Tanweer keeps a blog too, but his was from well before his chemo - it makes interesting reading . Link up here. I had mentally decided that my blog had done it's job and it was time to quit. I guess it's worthwhile keeping the chronicles going for people to realize that the life after Chemo is just as it was before - it's just a matter of holding onto the roller coaster tight enough to get through the ride as well as to keep your eyes open to enjoy the trip.

Koby is growing up by the minute! It's just like any time spent with him is not enough time spent. His latest favorite is a game of peek a boo! Being busy in the wards does mean that I get less time to be with him. But it's not all that bad, living on the campus means I can pop in and out whenever and we are blessed with good house help- who look after him like a little prince.

I met up with Dr. Mammen with my test results and he said there was no logic in repeating PET scans regularly. I need to do just chest X rays and a thyroid function test to make sure the radiation had not nuked my thyroid gland.


Aku said...

Hi, So good to hear from you. I'm glad to hear things are going well. Tanweer will be in my prayers

Anonymous said...

God be with Mr. Tanweer and every other cancer patient. Best of wishes to him.

Koby sure looks cute.


Anonymous said...

May our Mighty Lord and Healer be with Tanweer and his wife as they travel the road through Lymphoma.

God be with you and your family too. It sure is uplifting to be able to read your blog postings once again.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise to see a new post - 2 in fact! It's a wonder you get time to do this considering how busy you are. Shall keep you and your family in my thoughts - you are a source of encouragement to many - as evidenced by my opening your blog regularly over the last 6 months to read and reread it. God bless.

Xpressions said...

Great to see u bac in blogosphere after so long!!
Prayers to All...
Koby sure has grown & he looks adorable.

God Bless