Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2 years past and doing great!

It's been nearly a year since I had last written. Koby is going to be 2 years old in a few months and it also marks a land mark for me -post treatment 2 years and going strong by Gods grace.
The snap above is one taken of the family this Christmas. Koby in his Chinese costume my aunt in Singapore had sent down for him. Santosh and Tripti now together in Vellore as he works in CHAD, CMC.
My General Surgery post graduation course is nearly over - I am done with the surgery part, but need to mop up some time due in 'peripheral posting' i.e Orthopedics and Neurosurgery that I missed during my course due to chemo time. I write exams in September and with that hope to be done with studies for a while.
Anne has a year left and will complete her training in gynecology and Obstetrics in march 2009. Koby as you can see alongside, has grown faster than we could imagine! He is talking nineteen to a dozen now and has a whole bunch of friends to play with in the building we stay. He spends some of his weekends in parents house - where he is spoilt rotten by his grandparents and enjoys goofing around with Santo acchachan and Peepi (Tripti) ammama.

It has been a really good 2 years of being well. There have been the occasional scares and checks, but God has seen us through. The good parts of these 2 years have been the friends made -patients that have come through this hospital, read the Blog and got in touch. Anne and I lost a good friend too in this time, due to lymphoma having spread pretty badly to his brain and rest of his body. But in all out friendships we hope that we have instilled a sense of purpose and a encouragement. God has made our lives examples that show that he is the light of the world. The bad part's of this time was some scary nodes that cropped up in my axilla - one minor surgery later, we were reassured that they were not tumour and not significant!
Anne and I are reminded every day as we spend precious moments with our Son, how God has gifted us a second chance. And I doubt that second chances are to be wasted in feeling sorry about one's self or worried about how long it will last, but to savor the fragrance of the moment and look in gratitude to the giver.

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Chellu said...

Verily He is a God of second Chance.May the Lord continue to flow through you and your family.You will live & proclaim the Glory of God.