Friday, May 12, 2006

Blog slacker!

I am sooo tired… Shifting into a new house, getting it in order and working plastic surgery at the same time can be …..
“‘You are losing it’, ole Chap”–I’m told, by one of my friends who’s been reading this blog regularly and not seen an update in a while. I’m slacking and I can feel it.
It’s true – My page heads with the words – “A guy going through Chemo,” – yeah – that was months ago….and “my life on a day to day basis”….. It’s been a while since I’ve had the luxury of writing every day! I have got to get down to changing my template sometime.
Last night, I crawled into the house at 5.15 am, only to leave at 6.45 again to regular theatre. I was on call and there were so many facial injuries to suture up in the emergency department that it just kept going on and on. It’s election season and the average drunk has a good reason to get sloshed and fall of his bike!! A policeman on election duty came with his face split open, after crashing his jeep into an oncoming lorry. The worst was a 14 year old, who rushed in with his 4th toe (of his foot), neatly wrapped in Ice, but too far crushed and late to re-implant.
I had my first visitor’s home for a meal today, Sabisachi and his wife joined me for a meal tonight. Saby is a fellow NHL patient here (from Calcutta), and we went through Chemo pretty much the same time. I had spent some time with them initially when they came and were worried about chemo, and told them that there was nothing to worry about. Saby has sailed through chemo, and was actually at work in between his chemo courses – he went through CHOP. Through time we have become such good friends that the ‘cancer underground’ will be pleased! His wife Swathi was one of Koby’s first few visitors! They have a twelve year old son, who is his parents pride and joy!
A few weeks ago, I had asked you all to remember Mrs. Chandrika Menon in prayer – a retired nurse, with Leukemia from Coimbatore. Her son in Law had read my blog and we met when they came for treatment here. She passed on to a better place a few days ago, and from the little time I spent with her, I am sure that she would have left so many happy memories with her family through her life. “I have come expecting to see a miracle”, she told me… I only pray she got it.
I leave to Kerala tomorrow, for the weekend. Anne and Koby – here I come!


Anonymous said...

that little kid is definitely anne's baby boy!

Carlos ("Carl") said...

You're entitled to feel tired, Tarun, with the crazy schedule you've been keeping - not to mention with Anne and Koby being away! Don't worry about the blog - we, your loyal readers, will understand when you have to miss a day (or two, or three).

I'm just so glad to hear you're at the point where you can follow a schedule like that. It's a testimony to how well you're doing, and to how much God has graced you with gifts of healing.

Be well. Live strong.


Shirin said...

Blogging is such an amazing experience – friends and total strangers share and empathise with your deepest thoughts and feelings. They let you know they care. It is quite emotionally uplifting. But I have seen that some of my fellow bloggers have had to almost stop blogging when their work schedule got hectic. It is okay to be irregular. Really glad to know that you have emerged stronger through your ordeal, by God’s grace, and are living life to the fullest. Have a nice holiday with your wife and lovely son.

Prerona said...

Once again, great snap!

Benji said...

Hey Tarun,
If you ever feel that you blog is not updated ofte, just look at mine - it's like a monthly update! And I dont even have a wife, kid, house to keep me busy!
Guess it's those kids in the wards that keep me busy!
Keep going!

Annam said...

he is a cutie pie ..

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