Sunday, June 06, 2010

Surgery Department - CFH

Our department (Surgery) made a 2 day drive to Valparai - a hill station about 5 hours from ODC. It was an excellent drive - lovely roads, beautiful scenery along the drive - acre's of lush green tea estates to drive along. We saw a wild deer crossing our path - Anne found the many hairpin bends a bit difficult to stomach and Koby had a lovely time. We had a large group as you can make out in the picture - and we made the trip in 3 cars. Sitting right behind me in the picture is Dr Santosh Benjamin - a mentor and the pillar I lean on in our department - it was his idea actually that we made this trip. The reason I posted this picture was that when I joined ODC - this department was me and for some days - just another junior doctor (usually Justin - 2nd from the left), but now it has grown to have 3 consultants and presently 5 junior's in the unit. We will... God willing, have more join us soon. Our case numbers have grown at least 3 fold and in the last year we have bought a Laparoscope and a new video endoscope/colonoscope for the department and patients can avail these at dirt cheap rates.
I have witnessed a department show incredible growth - far beyond my wildest expectations. There is no doubt that God has blessed our efforts - when I joined this place had no surgeon for 2 months - and even simple cases needed to be referred 2 hours away to Madurai.

I only pray that as and when we move to Baripada that God will continue to bless our efforts. Unless the Lord builds the house - the laborer will work in vain. I have experienced that as true in my department over the last year.

Anne is doing OK and is due with our second in October - Miriam/Nishan are our 1st choice Girl/Boy names we have come up with.... Koby is excited and already planning for activities with his new baby.
Below is a picture of Anne and Koby who came to join me in the operating theater for a surprise birthday party that my department organized. That was a really nice day!

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