Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For unto us another son is born...

I had mentioned earlier that Anne and I were expecting a new addition to the family. Nishan John K Jacob was born at 9.30 Pm on 18th of September. Nishan means ' a sign' - this has been just another miracle in our lives to know that we serve a living God. All went well and Anne and Nishan are back at home after a short hospital stay. Koby is very proud of 'his' baby and is thrilled he has another boy to play with.
Certain things that went through my mind as we went through this experience of being parents all over again. One was that what ever our education or qualification, despite the fact that Anne conducts deliveries on a daily basis. There are so many things that can possibly not work out and so many things that just need to be left into God's hands. Prayer, and not our knowledge helps keep us from emotionally caving in when we go through a period of vulnerability.
Anne's mum was commenting that Koby while with them for a holiday in the past was all dressed to go to the beach - when it started raining. He walked out and loudly prayed "Jesus, please stop the rain - I want to go to the beach!". The family concluded that since he seems to know where to look if he needs help - then he should be all right for the future!
Another thing I realized was how God places such perfect people to look after us. Dr Gigi Mathews (Anne's obstetrician) stood by her side through the entire delivery, and with such love talked her through. She has stood by Anne through her thesis and with both Koby and Nishan's deliveries.
Being on the patient side of a hospital once again was interesting - I remember how Dr V Sitaram, my teacher and Professor of Surgery would tell us that the doctors visit is the highlight of every patients day. How true it is... Though it sometimes sounds like stating the obvious - each word spoken at that visit will determine the mood, conversation and plans for the day. Meals, visitors and medicines only become secondary.
Anyway - To the larger community that has listened to my ramble for years - Our family is now 4 people strong and bonded in Christ. Thank you for your prayers as always.


Andi and Sheba Eicher said...


Got here via Arpit's blog. Lovely to read all of what God is doing in your life! My wife Sheba trained at CFH and so we have a special place in our heart for many of the stalwarts there (KV, Susheel, Lata, Paul etc.).

I was so blessed to read through your journey. Trully God is taking you forward as a family. May He continue to be glorified in your lives.

We are very proud of you!

Blessings in Jesus,

Andi and Sheba Eicher (and Asha and Enoch too!)

Anonymous said...

Great news. This has been a lovely journey over the years. Congratulation on the new arrival. All the posts leading to Koby's arrival is still so fresh in my mind. And now there is a new addition. How time flies...(so cliche:-)

I wish you and your family all the best.


Bindhu said...

Hi Tarun

Congrats to you and Anne on the birth of Nishan. Koby looks so thrilled, yea...its so fresh reading through your blog about Koby, a request to please keep your blog going..

How nicely you have stated, that we require Him whoever we are or whatever our education is..all we require is His grace to sustain us through our journey!!

What a mighty God we serve..May He abundantly bless your lovely family!!!

sheela said...


God bless you and i am more happy to know that you are blessed with another additional member in the family. I am very happy to meet you again almost 3 years later.. Things changed and you are blessed.

Amy and Arpit Mathew said...

Beautiful post TJ. Know you are really busy, but maybe you should write some more... May God's hand of blessing rest on Nishan. He is already greatly blessed to be born into this special family

The Scatterbrain said...

to Nishan:
Welcome to this world, Nishan! You are blessed to be a part of this wonderful family!

To You &Anne,
I can't wait to see the lil fella. Hope you will be in ODC when I visit next.

謝可妃 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Sam said...

Cutie!! :-)