Monday, November 05, 2012

Its been ages!

Ive been procrastinating writing this post forever! As a family we are back in Vellore for a short while. I have joined the department of Paediatric surgery at CMC vellore. I will be a student for the next 3 years of  paediatric surgery and hopefully get an Mch degree(superspeciality).
Work at Oddanchatram was  really satisfying, but there remained an interest to train further. Paediatric surgery is the most obvious choice for any general surgeon with an interest in Mission hospitals. The only flip side is buckling down to being at the bottom of the food chain or pecking order. But there is so much to learn...I realize that in even simple operations that I thought I had mastered, there is still many things that can make my technique better. I guess there is never a time to stop learning. Especially when our work is for a King!
The children have grown - Koby is now in second standard. Nishan is 2 years old and going to the creche. Anne works in the Community health department - helping out with the labour room. I don't get to see them as often as I like - but I hope that will not be for too long.
There are so many who still keep in touch and I am so grateful. I keep meeting people who come to Vellore for their check ups and we meet in the hallways / on the road outside the busy haemat department. But the common bond of having shared a common challenge is what makes the meetings special. I have put pictures from my blog onto my phone - especially those of me through chemo - and I share it with many of the chemo kids and parents who pass through my department. Most of the kids are amused to see what I look like bald - and the parents are just relieved to see that there is hope beyond what seems like eternity. Actually 2 of us that joined for the superspeciality courses in CMC this year are lymphoma survivors..
So if you do come down to Vellore - email me and will see how we can meet up. To those who occasionally check in to see how the Jacob family is doing - I can say that God has been good and we are doing great!


Leena Lloyd said...

Great to hear from you Tarun ! Glad to know the family is doing well ! Your blog gave me much hope and encouragement as my Aunty was battling cancer last year ! She too experienced Gods healing touch for which we are grateful !

Andi and Sheba Eicher said...

great to hear from you again Tarun! May the Lord bless you as you keep serving the King of Kings - do look us up if you are ever in Mumbai / Thane. Blessings from the Eichers!

amith said...

nice to hear from u again tarun bhai. think you might not recognise me. but good job bro..and keep going. god is amazingly using you

Dr.Tarun Jacob said...

Hey,how you doing?
We share the exact same name,we are both doctors, i am from Hyderabad though.Read through couple of your posts and i must tell you,you are an inspiration and i hope your story will be a witness to everyone going through the same condition.

About me,done mbbs,applying for internal medicine residency in the states.

All right,take it easy bro.

Dr.Tarun Jacob

tarun Jacob said...

Respected Sir, I am arun Kumar from 1 st year da in Stanley medical college. I heard. U from dr. justin. Nice to hear ur confidence of life.where others would have moved. I hope to see u sir.