Monday, April 24, 2006

Cherry and Koby

I have hardly recovered from the weekend duty. We were up late in the night struggling with a perforated appendix and then had to go into theatre for the regular list at 7:30 Am. Today I got to assist on an interesting case for chronic pancreatitis in a child.

I was informed today about the passing on of a great man – Dr. A.K Tharien. He was one of the founders of the Christian Fellowship hospital in Oddanchatram and an incredible visionary for medical care in India. He was a person who took a great interest in Anne and me wanting to work in Baripada and helped us follow it through.

Koby and Anne are having a ball in Kerala. Cherry (Anne’s brother) was in Kerala for a short time and was really thrilled to play with his “awesome” nephew! Here is a picture with the two of them having a moment together! I just cant waith for them to get back. We still have not got the keys to our new home - I hope it come by the time Anne and Koby are back, was hoping to have shifted in before they came.... Lets see.

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