Thursday, April 20, 2006

Eddie in town

Eddie has come down from Madras to see Koby. Edward is my best friend in Medical College and was my best man at our wedding. He has just got into a medicine residency with a hospital affiliated with Yale and will start in July. Once he is off to the United States – I doubt we will get to see him again. Anne took a good half an hour to get to the church from her home, when we were getting married and Eddie kept me company and kept reassuring me that she will come!

Koby was thrilled to see Eddie; he sat peacefully in his hands and then did both a big job and little job on him! Naughty boy!

Today is an important day for Anne and me – we have applied for a house on the hospital campus. Now that Koby has come along, it’s going to be impossible to stay in a single room – we will need a maid as well, once Anne is done with the maternity leave. The applicants are many for houses and the houses are few. Let’s see what happens. That’s something to pray about. The pick is at 12 noon today.

Anne, her mum and Koby leave to Kerala today – I hope I finish my operating list before they leave so I can at least see them off at the station.

Koby has been really spoilt - many of my college classmates are in CMC doing their postgrads - they have all been in to see him and carry him around. To the left Abhilash, Subhash and Patra. Annie on the right!

9pm - Anne and Koby are on their way to Kerala. Sob!

God feeds the sparrows! - We got the house!! The picks were good and we have a house in "the 'old' PG quarters". Thats the great news for today. It's actually such a great thing. It was quite doubtful, but God helped it work out in the end.


Anonymous said...

Jesus said to them, But WHO DO YOU SAY THAT I AM?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad things are working out well for you... I showed Koby's pic to Pranav (appu) and he says "baby... kutty baby".. Take care


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