Thursday, April 06, 2006

Falser hood

Every time I think that I am on the verge of becoming a father - the entire dream fades away in a few fizzled out contractions! Anne and I made our first false trip to the labour room yesterday, but since it was all her friends are in charge there, they kept her for an hour or so, on the fetal monitors and let us go after they were sure that she was not in labour! I’m happy about the trip because I have a trace that looks like and ECG, with Koby’s heart beat on it! The pitter patter of Koby’s heart on the monitors was like music to the ears! Funny, I hated those monitors when I was posted in Labour room earlier– they were just a noisy irritation!! Guess when the person behind the noise is your child the noises are more important and sound better!!

Work is as great as usual. I am just getting the hang of duties alone. The system is tedious, but once you get the hang of it – it’s all right. I have a picture of Shaji - one of our registrars, when we went to the neonatology nursery to put in a couple of cut down venous accesses. Threading a catheter in a neonate’s vein in a pretty difficult thing to do, I keep praying that Koby doesn’t need any thing remotely similar!

A picture of the Sun diving into the CMC, Vellore skyline as the day draws to an end. There below is the old dirty hospital, filled with all it's thousands of patients, yet life still looks calm - inspite of the chaos withis each of these buildings. Like many of our lifes, is it not? This picture is from just outside my pediatric surgery ward. Tomorrow is another day….(Koby, where are you?....)


Anonymous said...

So they (the shepherds) came in a hurry and found their way to Mary and Joseph, and the baby (Jesus) as He lay in the manger.
Matthew 2:16.

HMTG said...

How could you Tarun..."old dirty hospital" -- I'm sure you love CMC.


Anonymous said...

When Koby comes it will the best time ever. Best of best Tarunmon and Annemol.

Anonymous said...

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Ghost Particle said...

its always amazing to usher in a new life, may your experience be a magical one.

Carlos ("Carl") said...

"Waiting is not some kind of purgatory on the way to glory. It is not the dead space between God's will and my lack of faith. It is not a teaser designed to enhance the ultimate victory. It is not a satanic obstacle or a tumor that you pray for God to remove. Waiting is grace and is, therefore, the permanent dynamic of the Christian life, a key to the most abiding virtues.

Without waiting there can be no hope, for you cannot hope for that which you already possess. If we are seeking God we are always waiting on multiple fronts. And when God resolves one of them, there will soon be something else to take its place. Without waiting there can be no true love for God. We all experience warm, fuzzy feelings when we get what we want right away. But when we have to wait, when we have to question our own desires, when God seems distant - then love must mature."

- Scott Garber

"The principal part of faith is patience."

- George Macdonald

Tarun and Anne, may your season of waiting - frustrating as it may be at times - be a blessing!


Anonymous said...

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