Friday, April 21, 2006

Through it all - I learn to trust.

The poor lonely father is clicking through pictures on the computer of Koby and Anne. They are in Kerala and enjoying the constant stream of people in to see the new baby. Koby behaved himself on the trip to Kerala. They were in an Air conditioned train coach, and he had another tiny baby on the opposite seat to keep him company. He must be having a great time in Kerala getting all the attention he just loves to have! ( just like his dad)
This picture alongside shows how Koby has more hair than his dad! He has his hands on his nose, but I doubt that it's because of how I smell!!
My sister - Tripti is just itching to get married. The countdown has begun and I can imagine her pushing time faster to June if she could physically do it! It seems like eons ago when Anne and I tied the noose, now with Koby around and all – but it’s probably the greatest thing I’ve done in my entire life. “Go for it girl” is all I can give her as sagely brothers advice!
The Pediatric surgery posting is sadly drawing to an end. This weekend will be my long duty and I am nearly done. I wish I hadn’t missed 2 weeks to radiation therapy, but I guess it just had to be. Dr. Viju John is a senior registrar with me and he was quoting the popular Hymn – “through it all – I learn to trust in him”, while we were talking about how God splats us into trouble rather than helps us skirt it or escape the easy way because through the tough times is when we see him work us through. I couldn’t agree with him more. Viju finishes his training here and will also be going to a mission hospital in Lumptaput, Orissa.
Today all the senior doctors of the CMC senate are biding farewell to Dr. Chacko Korula -our head of Nephrology, as he retires. His son Sushil and I studied in school together. His leaving CMC will be a great loss.


Anonymous said...

Hi tarun ,
Thanks a lot for chaning your profile details . I was really happy to read those words . Do keep calling( on phone) koby . Iam sure tripti's marriage will be soon ask her to be prayerful as u are now GOD will lead her miraculously the entirefamily where she is going to step tomarrow and lead her entire life ..our paryers are there always for you and your entire family.

Nancy said...

Hi Tarun,
My name is Nancy I have been reading your blog for several months and have been inspired by your faith. Also, our son is in his second year of residency, so following your journey is interesting. We live in New Jersey USA and found your blogspot through Pastor Wilton. I very much enjoy your writing. I thought you might be interested in my husband's blog which is I hope his spirtual writings will touch something in your life as the writing of your faith has touched mine. Congratulations on the birth of your son. May God continue to bless you and your family. Nancy

Anonymous said...


The photographs of Koby are just beautiful. I know you miss your family and it has to be pretty lonesome, feel like you are missing out! Perhaps you can use this time to get a well-deserved rest and relaxation!