Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A day for research.

I start my next posting tomorrow, a rotation in the department of paediatric surgery. I have always loved kids and I wonder if I will enjoy this posting, which combines the joys of children and surgery. It is a great unit to work with, with some great surgeons, and I can hardly wait to get there.
I will miss the hepatobilliary unit. I really enjoyed the last 20 days there. More than the fact that it was great to be back to work, I wonder if you remember the uncertain days a few weeks ago, when I struggled to button my shirt because of the pain in my fingers. Those days, I wondered if I could really continue in surgery, with decreased sensation. But working with these people, really supportive and who gave me a lot of responsibility to shoulder - renewed my confidence in what I am doing, and I'm now more sure than ever that God needs a surgeon in Baripada.
The few of us, registrars - Arpith, Balaji, Mohan and Gregory went out for dinner last night, and it was a nice parting meal..a 'last supper', so to speak! I will miss this gang, because they made my easing into work so easy!
Today, I had taken some time off to finish the protocol writing for my Cochrane collaboration meta ananlysis. I had hoped we get most of it done today, because from tomorrow - life will become a blur and one crazy rush of work. Sadly there are more changes needed in the protocol. It's difficult to get my teeth into the exact way this research has to be tackled. Anyway, I'll keep making the corrections, and hope things fall into place. Time to get to sleep - I have to get to work tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

trust in the lord, and dont despair
he is a friend so true
no matter what you're troubles are
Jesus will see u through

Even if you cant do surgery, dont despair. You are here for a reason and everyday you fulfil that reason through your life. Your strength and hope has saved more lives than you can ever imagine.

Anonymous said...

hi tarun,i ve been reading ur blog regularly.all i can say is HIS plans for each of HIS children are much bigger than what we can think or imagine of.they are times HE will take us thru hardships but it is all to make us and mould us.i m just reminded of isaiah 41.i m sure ur testimony has been a real blessing to so many people.shows how much GOD loves ansd cares for HIS children.hope u have a great time in paeds surgery...will be praying for u.