Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Keeping me in focus

Ok! OK! I am sorry, what I actually meant was that I thought that I had finished narrating what experiences in my life would make any sort of benefit to a third person reading it. 10 thousand people reading it was just an observation, not a finish marker! In the future our life will be a blur of dirty nappies, duties, a crying baby, nappies, surgery, paper readings, thesis, nappies, being a “family” – and being good parents. Do you all want to hear such mundane stuff? I will have as much a ‘story’ or ‘experiences’ as anyone else at my stage in life. Anyways – I have so begun to enjoy the blog that I’ll keep at it when I have a chance!

But in retrospect, I think this forum has helped me keep focus – when it is so easy to lose focus along the way. On some days, it was the only “useful” thing I did between throwing up and avoiding food. Imagine if I was 3 months post chemo with nothing constructive to show for the time I spent under the needle! Maybe this blog classifies under constructive? (Not that I have anything more to offer!). And I think it was also a way to keep thanking God actively and consciously, even when the going was tough – I hope that is a message this blog can teach others- because miracles do occur if only we keep our hearts ready to realize them.

Anne and I went to amma’s office in the evening; she is a pathologist and has just got a fancy new microscope! Here is a picture of Amma showing Anne a biopsy of somebody’s sweaty head!


lunacy said...

mundane or not mundane, you are here to stay... reading your blog is probably the only good thing i do everyday..

Alexis Leon said...

That is better. Keep posting your thoughts and experiences when you have time. By reading another person's experiences and observations we enrich our lives too. Isn't it the concept behind blogging? Bringing up Koby is an experience worth sharing.

Anonymous said...

Life will also be the feeling of incredible tenderness when your son holds tight to your finger like he will never let go ... it will also be the wonder and awe of watching him grow and the joy and challenges of parenthood - not just nappies and dirty nappies and more dirty nappies!

Anonymous said...

Blesse are the pure in heart,for they shall see God.Matt 5:8.

Seeing God is connected here to a certain condition of the heart called purity.

God send the baby Jesus to
the carpenter Joseph's house.God did not send His Son Jesus to a rich pharisees or Bible scholars,or busy practising doctors,or a world wide evangelists house but to carpenters house who was just average guy during those times.God required Joseph to go to work, pound on the nails, work hard and bring food for Jesus and the rest of the family.Joseph was required to take Jesus to the Jewish synagogue at that time and teach him the ways of God and to be a Godly father to God himself.
See the mundane things Joseph as the father of Jesus had to do on a regular basis to be in the purpose of God.
Your child is Gods special gift for you from God Himself that you will learn the blessedness of doing mundane things.

Whatever you do in word or deed (including changing diapers), do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.....Col3:17

Anonymous said...

I have been following th blog for sometime and managed to refrain from writing/typing anything lest it offend anyone...but...without offending anyone...

"Whatever you do in word or deed (including changing diapers), do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.....Col3:17"...I think there is a limit to what we consider religiosity in one's life...and I think this goes a bit far...

I want to replies to this comment lest I pollute this blog... :)

Anonymous said...

sorry...I want NO replies to the comment... :)

Tarun Jacob said...

I think you guys have got something wrong there! We are missing the point entirely. I have no problems changing Koby's nappies, but I doubt its blogworthy stuff!

Sushil said...

Hi Tarun,
I have been a regular reader ...hadnt really noticed when this happenned but now there seems to be some problem with your atom RSS feed for your blog. It gives a parsing error
XML Parsing Error: prefix not bound to a namespace
Location: http://tarunjacob.blogspot.com/atom.xml
Line Number 92, Column 1:

If you could check and please correct it, it will help me and others reading your blog through feed readers. Thanks
Let me know if you need help fixing it.
(It most probably is a problem within

Blogger-Settings->Site Feed->Article Footer or may be a problem with the main template as well.


Tarun Jacob said...

Could you speak in english Sushil? Or e-mail me at jkjtarun@gmail.com and tell me what to do to sort it out?

Maya Cassis said...

wow..do talk about koby.that will be nice to read about new parents and all

Anonymous said...

Hi Tarun & Anne,

I was looking for something on the web and i happened to come across this. I Stopped to read it cause you were both familiar to me. About 4 years back I came to CMC as an 'Outside Intern' and have seen you both.
I haven't read all your posts, but from the little that i have read... All i can say is that you Tarun are an amazing person with an incredible wife . Both of you are truly inspirational, an example to many.
I wish you both the very best as you see through this phase of your life. I congratulate you , as you await the arrival of your little one. May you continue to feel the love of all around you and see the blessings in even the smallest of things. May our Lord continue to lead you. Praise His Holy Name.