Sunday, March 05, 2006

Out of the tunnel

It’s been a great Sunday today. Last night the department of general Surgery held a dinner to bid farewell to the final year postgraduates and welcome in the new ones. It was nice - a statement that kept coming up was the final years telling our teachers that they each leave having become a part of each of them! How true! A surgeon can only learn by doing and watching small techniques that only an experienced teacher can pass down. As we learn we pick up the best from different teachers and in many ways become a bit of each one.
Arpit was on call today and so I got some time to myself today after the morning rounds. Anne and I went home for the afternoon and enjoyed a good steak that Appa made. It’s great to eat great food after a while; in hospital food itself is a luxury at times and good food even rarer!
Today I was reminded of an analogy of life that Dr. Prathap had given me when he came to meet me earlier in hospital – just before Chemo. He said he thought of life like a train ride, at times life is great and we are on the top of mountains looking at the most beautiful scenery and at times we are in beautiful planes with green fields around. But there are times we enter dark tunnels- and it’s the way we react in the tunnel makes that part of the ride enjoyable. We all have the option to crib about going into a tunnel and maybe about not having lights in the train for a short time or we can make the best of it by sharing our food with our neighbor, picking up a conversation with some one there in the train and making the best of the tunnel. I guess I’m making it out of the tunnel now and the ride has been a good one.
Good news- the Echo scan (heart) I had yesterday shows my heart is ticking allright and the engine is going well - there was a worry that my heart function had decreased post Adriamycin Chemo, but thats improved now. My hair is on it's way back! I was keen on keeping the head clean shaved, but I have neither the time nor the energy! A pic of us and bits of stubble on my head! God's been great and its another reason to say thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tarun

I liked the Analogy.God is great and will hold your hand through your recovery.

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog invariably. Though I should let you know how sensitive it has made me to cancer...was pretty prejudiced till I learnt bout cancer from your blog and saw it from a diff angle....way to go!

Carlos ("Carl") said...

Great image, Tarun - how we react while in the tunnel is the thing. Some of us close our eyes (as though we needed to). Some of us make faces in the dark, when no one can see us. Some of us laugh, tell jokes, talk to our companions in the railway car.

Yes, you'e making it out of the tunnel. In time, I trust I will, too. Keep the faith.


Leela said...

Great to know you're making it out of the tunnel. Your faith is touching.

Hari S. Nair said...

Hi Tarun,

Happened to see your blog. I admire your spirit. I will pray to God for your fast recovery.

God bless you!!

Hari Nair

Ricky said...

Hi Tarun,

First time at your blog. Nice to be here. My friend is also going through radiation therapy too for his cancer and so I can relate to a lot of things you write here.

You know the good thing about tunnels is that there is always a way out of tunnel, always a light at the end of tunnel. Your analogy is slightly different but they both talk about optimism.

God Bless You Sir!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tarun I needed to hear that.
God bless.

Princess Au Contraire said...

The light at the end of the tunnel is waiting to greet you! Congratulations on the echo scan! fantastic news! Hang in there :)
Princess Au Contraire

Anonymous said...

Be strong. Because it's all in the mind. And, don't believe in God. Instead, get a dog. It will make you feel even better.

- Atheist

Tarun Jacob said...

I'm sorry Atheist, I disagree.

Benji said...

Hi atheist
You got a point.
Getting a dog does make you feel better. But you know what, getting closer to God MAKES you better! It's more than a feeling. It's more than just physical! The joy, peace, hope, happiness and excitement that comes... well you'll have to experience it to believe it!
I've had the joy of having a pet dog and getting to know God. Trust me!!!