Thursday, March 02, 2006

A day off!

I am off today and it’s so great to have a few moments to myself. Getting back to an active work schedule is like jumping onto a running bus. You really have to run fast to gain momentum to jump on safely. It’s been a week since I’ve joined and this week has really been exhausting. I met my Radiotherapy doctors today, and was given an echo (heart scan) request – because there was a bit of worry about the effects that radiation could produce on my heart.
Tomorrow is the live donor liver transplant – we start at around 4.00 am, and will go on for probably the entire day. I’m posted on the team that’s working on the recipient – in this case a child. The donor of the liver is his father. It’s a great privilege to be on the case, hope it goes well for the team.
I’m really thrilled about the improvement of my fingers. I remember about a month ago, worrying about whether I would be able to operate with chemo having numbed the sensation and caused a burning of my fingers. This week I managed to do an appendix, breast cancer, opened an abdomen for a cyst and quite a few more smaller cases alone – and am now fairly confident that I can do it. 3 weeks ago buttoning my shirt was impossible because of the pain, and now I’m operating – I can only say that God has been really good.
My hair is also on its way back. I had half a mind to keep the bald head, but when 4 hours of sleep is a difficult proposition, shaving my head is the last priority on my to- do list. A post pancreas operation chap in my ward shaved his head just like mine – they say imitation is the best form of flattery….!
To end a snap of the good ole dayz!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tarun

Great work,keep it up. I am sure things will work out fine, I include you in my prayers everyday

Patrix said...

I just chanced upon your site via Dilip and Uma. Best of luck in your recovery and I bet you are giving oodles of hope to cancer patients elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

One reminder for you , Please change in your profile jobless , u are no more jobless u are back to your work as usual .. thank GOD for evrything ...

Adi said...

dropped in from Lee's blog. Hang in there bud, and wish all the best to you.

as for your definition of work, i agree in part. I think its more like jumping onto a bullet train ... damn this fast paced life ;-)