Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Patient, we must all be!

The next few days will be the last of my radiation. Dr. Subhashini had asked me to continue my radiation for one more day, get an X ray of my chest and meet her in her out patient department tomorrow.

My chest is now a sort of scarlet pink, but the skin hasn’t thankfully peeled off.

Our final years are doing their final exams this Friday, and all of us from the second years will be the skilled assistants for the exam. That means making sure X-rays and instruments are ready for the practical and that the examiners are comfortable. I guess we also get a taste of what our exams will be like in a year’s time. Since I have lost time on Chemo, I give my exams 6 months later, and in some other center in the state! That’s a bit tougher, but hey I’m thinking that it’s not too bad a trade off!

I spent a while in Amma’s office today, we had a baby in theatre who was suspected to have an absent ganglion (nerve) network in her colon (Hirschprungs disease), and we needed to know an urgent biopsy to decide how much to cut off. I sat in Amma’s room while the biopsy was being done. It’s not often I see Amma, even though we are working in the same hospital!!

Anne has a presentation on cancers of the Vulva, to make this week in her department and that means I have to patiently wait my turn for the computer! As you can all see!!


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sajini said...

I just ran into your blog. Are you done with all the treatment after radiation or is there more?

Anonymous said...

Reading again your news and letting you know what you are doing is appreciated Tarunmon. Pray that the skin will heal real fast and whatever the fall out from the radiation will be restored.
love to you, Anne and Koby.

Anonymous said...

hi Tarun,

One of the better blog sites and definitely shall visit regularly. So from one Keralite to another, one Taurean to another- hang in there, the best is yet to be. Love to Anne and lil Koby.

Anonymous said...

Hi tarun irrespective of the situations we all need patience to run our daily life .. Thanks for reminding me this i have very less patience ....