Sunday, March 26, 2006


The exams for the final year students went off well. We were “skilled assistants”, what skill we have, I’m not sure – but it was a great experience watching how the exams were conducted. I will be taking them in another 2 years, so it was worthwhile having a taste of what to expect!
All the radiation changes have started to resolve, my skin is nearly back to normal and I am feeling better when I swallow food. It's like the picture of college hill alongside, when one phase of life hits the sunset and the new dawn breaks to life with a new purpose.
We had come back home yesterday, and are spending the weekend at home. The pediatric surgery department where I am working now went up the college hill with most of the doctors and their children. It was a nice, fun time! The pictures are from the hill climb. Anne gave the climb a miss, because she is just too close to popping to attempt a hill climb! The climb was followed by dinner in one of the consultants –Dr. Sudipta Sen’s home. (Mutton Biriyani again, my favorite!)
Appa, Amma and Tripti have gone to Madras to finalize the printing of Tripti’s wedding card. They left early this morning and Anne and I are left at home – we slept late and were just saying that once Koby comes along these small pleasures in life will go down the drain! We have just about 3 weeks for the expected date to see little Koby, maybe sooner?


Prerona said...

hey! loved that first snap

Michael said...

Dear Anne & Tarun,

Happy to know that all of you are doing well. The first picture and the lines about it are really nice.
Keeping all of you(Koby too)in my prayers..



Alexis Leon said...
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Alexis Leon said...

Dear Tarun,

Came to know about your blog from a friend--Chacochhen (Monu). I have read all your posts and I just wanted to say that you are a brave and nice person.

I too was in CMC in 1994 after spinal cord injury (T5 complete)from a road traffic accident. I was there in the hospital for 2 weeks before being shifted to Bhagayam where I stayed for 3 months.

Now I am in Cochin, Kerala and is staying with my brother and family. My web site is at and my blog is at htp://

I wish you, Anne and Koby all the very best. I will remember all of you in my prayers.

May God bless you and give you strength to continue the good work you are doing.



Anonymous said...

Colossians 2:2,3
..........Christ Himself in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom & Knowledge.

Can you see where God has kept all the treasures?
In Christ himself.
Knowing Christ intimately(not knowing about Him)let it become the passion of your life.

Anonymous said...

i cried reading your blog. ur convictions and faith, I have lost all of it. I don't delight in the little wonders anymore. I wish the both of you well and thank you for making me realise how important the people in our lives are.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tarun and Angie,

How delighted I am to read your reflections!! As always, whatever you do, you do well.

Thank you for sharing some of the inner thoughts and the more every day happenings in your life at this period. I read the whole lot in one go. Very captivating.
If you are in Vellore I would love to catch up with you. I will be there tomorrow morning (30th)
Love you both