Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Neck deep!

Life has been so incredibly busy that I just keep procrastinating writing my blog each day. I reach my room usually at some unearthly hour and the last thing I want to do is waste time booting up my computer and typing when those extra moments can be spent in sleep.

I know I am a lazy bum!

I really on cloud nine because I got to do a hepaticojejunostomy – an operation that connects the bile duct to the intestine, in this case because of a suspected cancer in the duct. Feel good about that!

Radiation is still going on as planned; I run every evening to keep the appointment at 7 O’ clock. There is just a little burning that is probably due to small ulcers due to radiation of my esophagus (food pipe), but that settles with an antacid solution I drink occasionally.

I have a great group to work with. Mohan, Gregory and Arpit are the registrars with me. These chaps are fun to work with and since we have a great time at work and we have great consultants - waking up every morning is with a sense of wanting to go to work!. This is a picture of us grabbing a Pepsi outside hospital, in a little restaurant. The picture on top is one of my ward, or should I say – second home!

Today I have some time off, we have an arrangement where Arpit does some days and I do a few. Tonight..... I sleep well!


KESI said...

sounds like you are leading a very busy life these days! it's good to see that you are back at the job that makes you "wanting to go to work."

Ricky said...

You seem busy, which is always a good thing. I am learning a lot about medical procedures from your posts. Take care!!

deepakjeswal said...

Tarun, it's my first time here thru Saba's blog. I am amazed at ur optimism and ashamed at my own self and the constant cribbing i do. I am not going to wish you for the simple reason because I know for SURE u gonna be rocking here for many many years to come! Read lots of ur previous posts. Will keep coming back. Linking u up on my blog. Take care.

GalNextDoor said...

hi! its my first time here.. and got here thru saba... just like some others i see here! ur story is very touching... and heres wishing you best of luck for the road ahead. hang in there! take care!

Silky Moon said...

Came through Saba. I read just few line of your post but could not read more....

I will come back and read with peace of mind.

Right now I want to wish you best of luck. I'm sure you will be here blogging with us for long... TC