Friday, March 17, 2006

of Lymph nodes and trauma...

Paediatric Surgery is not as busy as I thought it would be. I missed lunch today, but that was because an intersting case started at 11 am and went on till 4 pm. Anyway, skipping a meal is a routine thing in our main Surg rotations. This ward is so full of kids, each with a different kind of illness. The great thing is there is no sub-specialization, each consultant is good at a different specialty and we get to see the entire gamete.

Today was the last day of radiation for the week. The weekend will be off and then, I will finish by next week – God willing. I have sneaked a snap of my radiation machine. The board I lie on is there, as well as a black cushion I rest my head in. The cage I am fixed into is not in the picture. Since the cage(cast), I’m fixed into is custom fit, I am going to ask if I can take mine back and keep it once I’m done! Just for memory sake!

There is a technician in the radiation room – her elder brother had large lymph nodes in the neck and I had biopsied them in the out patient last week. I think she was really worried that he had a lymphoma (she sees so many patients), but while I was doing the biopsy – I found these lymph nodes to be quite full of pus. So I had reassured her that it would probably be tuberculosis. She kept pestering me about the result for a few days, every time I went for my radiation. I finally did get the result, and lucky for him it was tuberculosis – but when I went for radiation, I was told by the others there that she had gone to be with her younger brother was in the intensive care unit after an accident on his motorcycle! Life can be so tough at times….

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Maya Cassis said...

oh tough luck for that gal.