Monday, February 20, 2006

Amma's birthday!

Today was a special day. My mother’s birthday! The family decided to take her out on a special dinner to a new sea food restaurant called the Fisherman’s fare. It’s a great place, but a bit far out on the highway to Madras and takes about 40min to get there! Anne baked a chocolate cake and Tripti got some of Amma’s favorite flowers. Here is a picture of me carefully watching Amma cut her cake, with her flowers in the foreground.
There was a call from hospital; my radiation may take another day to get started. Dr. Subhashini was concerned that too much lung was exposed on the proposed plan and wanted to make some modifications to the dosage plan.
I went over to hospital yesterday evening to make some modifications on the research plan for my Cochrane protocol with Prof. Keighley. It’s been quite a while since I have done anything on it, but now all the excitement of PET scan and radiation planning are over I must get back to work on it!


Anonymous said...

Dear Tarun,

As the song goes "From a distance ...." all three young girls posing with you look equally stunning and lithe of limb and form.

Appa must have been the cameraman, right?

I am sure my sis had a super time altogether at the Fisherman's.


Lizzie amama

Arya said...

Hi Tarun,

First time I hav come across your blog. It is very interesting read. I would be lying if I say I know what you are going through. Stay positive and hang in there. Pray through St. Antony. He works miracles. Believe me when I say that.

സു | Su said...




Tarun. Don't worry.

hope and love said...

great Tarun..

Anonymous said...

Dear Tarun,
It is been long time i wrote to you. Convey my wishes to your mom . So nice that you guys made her feel so special . Another thing on this special occation next birthday you will celebrate so happy with all negative test reports . Iam sure our GOD will bless you more and more he has his own purpose for you and your family he will not forget you .. Say hi to anne and tripti too...