Friday, February 17, 2006

Radiation planning.

Today I meet up with all my doctors. Dr. Mammen was sad to hear the news that the PET was positive, but said the plans go on as before – I continue with radiation and then we make any further plans if needed. Dr. Subhashini – my radiation Oncologist had a colleague of hers Dr. Rajesh help me with the planning marking. He talked me through the procedure and took my PET scan to discuss with our nuclear medicine department.
Anne came with me to hospital, but stayed away from the radiation deparment to prevent Koby from getting more "exposure" than deserved! She sat in the Library and read.
The planning marking was an interesting thing. A plastic –fibre glass sort of cast is made of my upper torso, onto which radio opaque lines are placed/stuck. These lines will hug my body as I have a CT scan tomorrow and serve as the planning beacons as my tumour is mapped out and angles to radiate it are planned.
The cast was made by heating the stuff and pulling it over me while I was placed on a wooden “pelvic” plank. I had to lie still while it cooled and hardened into place! This ‘second skin has to sit exactly in place, so its markers are the guides to where I receive my radiation. If it moves out of place the wrong part of my chest could get nuked! The lines are drawn once I am placed in a Radiation simulator – that looks like what’s in the picture alongside. The entire process took till 11 am and I was asked to return tomorrow for a CT scan with my markers in place. The volume and dose of radiation will be calculated once the CT pictures are ready. I may be able to start by Wednesday, or so I am told. Each day, radiation will last for 15 minutes and if I tolerate it I can think of going back to work as well. That sounds nice!
The department is so busy that they are up till 10 Pm radiating patients! They said I could choose a convenient time between work and come over for my radiation. I will have it first thing in the morning for the first few days, and see how it goes. CT scan at 10:30 Am tomorrow, that means another poke to get venous access for the contrast injection.
I really appreciate all the comments I received yesterday. Its difficult at times to keep the grin going always, but when there is such incredible support from Family, friends and those who read this blog and have become so much a part of my life I can't help but break out into a smile. Thanks Y'all.


Anonymous said...

tarunU'll be healed .I'm sure of that. keep on trusting Him ,believing him. We
(us a family ) r praying for u. Our God is Great. He is the one who created the universe&without touching all the planets r moving in their own orbits. So ur problem is not at all big. He can do it. he'll do it. But have faith in Him &pray. U'll be healed. Sharlet.

James & Jessy said...

Hi Tarun, "Praise the Lord!"
I just rcvd this link and was browsing through. You are such a great person - mapping down everday events for every one to read - to give opportunity for the readers to know of our Lord! Our Lord has great plans for you and you are going to be a wonderful instrument in His hands. And we at Thursday Prayer Fellowship, Bahrain, are praying for you and the family. Trust in Him, He is so loving and faithful. I and my wife spent 4 months at CMC V'lore for treatment of our 12 year old daughter Jamie in 1998 for blood cancer. Jamie is with Him and we are working for Him.... His ways are marvelous. You too have to work for Him as a family because He assures that "I will not forsake you...."
Love to you both - James & Jessy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Tarun. Fascinating detail. Privilege to read about it.


Lizzie amama

Anonymous said...

Dear Tarun,

God loves you.He has special plans for you.You are already quite different from the person you formerly were.
Hear His word:"I know the plans I have for you,'declares the Lord,'plans to prosper you and not harm you,plans to give you a hope and a future"(Jer.29:11)
You are so important to Him that He wants to help you become more like Him each day and more effective as His representative.
Even in the middle of such a great trial,how calm you and your family are before the world!This is what is called the GRACE of LORD Jesus.You are always in our prayers.
With lots of love