Friday, February 03, 2006

A great train ride.

(Ammachi and Anne - Katpadi staion)
We all had a lovely journey to Kerala. I imagined it would be difficult to continue blogging away from home, but Anne’s had broadband internet, and I am all set to keep writing on the days that I am here!
The trip on the train was really comfortable. The train was fairly empty and it was possible for each of us to spread out and sleep all the way whenever we needed it. This is the first time I have been on a long distance day train; except for losing the day in travel it was a great experience. Our usual experience in traveling to Kerala involves getting into a night train and sleeping, getting up in time to get off at the right station!
We reached Tiruvalla at 12 midnight. It is Koby’s first long distance trip and Koby seems to be enjoying all the new sights and sounds based on the frantic kicks and movements in Anne’s tummy! Travel baby!! I hope Koby enjoys hitting the road too, but we can experiment after Koby pops out!
My PET is finally fixed up! Dr. Mammen had called home and left word with Appa that I was expected in Hydrabad for the PET on 15th Feb. The PET scan gives us a confirmation of the Gallium findings, and is supposed to be more sensitive than Gallium imaging. The logic of doing it now, is if we find a small focus of lymphoma then it can be included in the radiation planning field. Well – that’s another trip to look forward to!
The day in tiruvalla was spent in meeting up with friends and family. There were such a large number here who prayed for me, and I meet them and am grateful for them remembering us in prayer. We also drove into town for a little while; I was just enjoying driving Appa’s (Anne) new M-800, though wary of its brakes in comparison to the car at home!


Anonymous said...

wow great to hear that you had a great trip to KERALA . Lovely it is na i had never been to but do enjoy your trip, and hope your hyderabad trip will also be fine . See my college it is just next to my college this PET scan block is . It is nice enjoy your drive on jubilee hills roads . Come safe from Kerala ......

usha said...

Thank you for that shot of Katpadi station. Brought back memories of all the times I travelled to and fro. Wouldn't have given that up for the world. Hope everyting went well at hyderabad