Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Yipee! for Higher ways

(Tripti(my sister), Anne and Ammachi( my grandmother) happy after the results were out!)
Yeah & Yipee! God has been so great. Both Anne and Tripti have got the post graduation seats of their choice. Tripti for M.S. Anatomy. Anne has in fact has been given a direct MD Obstetrics and Gynecology, which is such a rare thing (it’s usually given to candidates with a diploma). This actually translates - 3 years later, to us being able to finish our studies at a similar time, and with the highest degrees in her field. God has such a perfect sense of timing, His plans and His ways are so much higher than our ways and plans. When we were so upset that Anne didn’t get in for Diploma last year – we could not understand why then, but in retrospect….. Anne was able to study, we are able to have a baby, she was able to spend time with me at Chemo, and to top it off God has saved her a year by her getting in directly for MD. Where is the doubt guys? God is good all the time!
I have my own little miracle today to boast of too. We can’t let the Obstetrician and Anatomist steal all the limelight now, can we? Last night my left knee got really painful and swollen. A bit of fluid got accumulated and it was so bad I was on my mother’s crutches (left over from her ankle fracture). Dr. Alfred (orth) and Dr. Suranjan (PMR – Shikha’s dad!) had a look and were talking in terms of aspirating the fluid and scanning it etc… Yipes. But with some pain killers, rest and a good night’s sleep – the knee is nearly back to normal! Went to check up in hospital today, and we are going to just observe it. It may have been a small bleed into the knee or a viral infection. It’s settled now; I just need to rest it. Healing….!
Anne drove, into hospital - so I could rest the leg. I’m a real male chauvinist when it comes to driving, and always prefer to be behind the wheel! Dr. Mammen will give me the final verdict on if I need a PET scan today! If not, I plan to take a vacation – catch a train to Kerala for the next week with Anne and Ammachi. Look out y’all! – There may be no blog for a few days!!!


Shuba said...

Persevere and you WILL succeed!Congratulations Tripti & Anne.
....enjoy the good times, You definitely deserve it!

KESI said...

will defin. miss the daily updates but i hope that you guys can defin. make that trip to kerala:-). and congrats to your wife and sister.