Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ticket to ride.

So it's official. No PET scan for the moment, Dr. Mammen has allowed me to travel. I'm off travelling for a week! - It's such a liberating sensation. For the last 3 months during Chemo, I knew I could'nt travel out of Vellore. There was always a Wednesdays blood test or Thursday's Chemo......
If all goes well, I'm calculating being able to work from the first of March. I think I'll be in Paediatric Surgery rotation then, and Anne will start her course in Obstetrics -maybe in the wards or labour room.
I guess just the notion that I can go, is more liberating than the fact that I am going! A sense of boundaries being lifted, and limits being reset. I'm sure many thought I'd never see the day..... My knee is behaving itself as well, and all the swelling has subsided.
So we leave in a few hours, no tickets yet on some day train to Kerala. No, this picture is not us, and if the train does look so crowded, we'll cancel the trip! We plan to visit Anne's parents in Tiruvalla and my Grandmothers place in Kottayam. Back on the 9th for my blood tests and then to plan my radiation. I'll try and blog from there, but I'm not sure. Funny how making my daily weblog has become such a habit! I remember being encouraged to keep a diary as a kid, even for the holidays I could only get to 2 pages (days) if I was lucky!


Anonymous said...

This post deserves to be one of the entries on the WikiLog

Anonymous said...

Dear Tarun,
Praise the Lord!
We all join with you to Praise God for what he has done for you.
Your testimony is an inspiration and encouragement to many. May God use both of you for his ministry, to heal the brokenhearted and to comfort all who mourn! Our prayers are always with you.
Praise the Lord!

Brothers and sisters in Christ!
Union Christian Fellowship of Rockland, NY.

Ghost Particle said...

Happy travelling TJ