Friday, February 10, 2006

No parking.

Anne has finally recovered from her viral. For a second , last night I thought she passed it onto me as well! I spent last night sneezing continually until I fell asleep, but by Gods grace that was all I had!
We spent most of today lazing around. I read a bit more, about the spleen - but subject talk is always boring and I'll leave it out of the blog!
We made a trip to hospital, in a hope to get some work done. The clerk at the staff clinic wasn't sure if Anne needed a pre-employment checkup, since she was working here till 3 months ago! He asked us to come back tomorrow. I handed in a long overdue letter asking the university to officially allow me 6 months off for medical reasons. My request needed to be backed up with a recent medical report and that was where I had delayed things. I kept procrastinating asking Dr. Mammen to write me a report.
We saw an interesting thing, a bike parked outside the Medical students - women's rest room under a sign that says " Strictly no Parking." I found it so funny that I snapped it and have put it on the blog. The sign can hardly be read on this picture though! It's sad but that's how people in India care two hoots for signs or authority. I guess we can be very similar in our lives - spiritually too, even though the signs show us the right way, we do just what we feel like. Maybe God has a laugh at us too- then gently nudges back on track with some event or someone's wise counsel.
Anne and I are going to drive down to Chennai tomorrow (140 Km). We have a couple of things to shop for and do there. Vellore is not a good place for things like good shoes and medical books. There are a couple of things we have been waiting to buy and because we were stuck with the chemo restrictions - we kept adding them to our shopping list for when we could go! We don't want to the journey to be too taxing on Anne, so we will stretch it over 2 days and stay over in the YWCA guest house.
I hope you enjoy the serenity prayer on the thoughts page, again on another beautiful card from Dr. MC. This was printed onto the inner cover of our Students Association constitutions as Medical students and makes great sense.

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Bruno said...

Hi Tarun,

Buy your books at one of these 2 places.

1. Madras Medical COllege Co op Stores

2. Medical Book Company, SIngapore Plaza, Lingi Chetty Street, Near High Court, Chennai. Of course, you can tell my name to the Medical Book Company people (they distribute my books and know me pretty well) and will get more discount.

In all other shops in Chennai, the price will be more than in these two,

If you are planning to get a book published by Jaypee Brothers (or LIppincott, Blackwell etc who are distributed by Jaypee), you can get that directly from the Jaypee's Chennai Office, Pantheon Road, Opposite to Institute of OG, and Museum, Egmore, CHennai. Mentioning my name will get you 5 % more discount.