Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday at the shops

To me, a good trip to Madras means - good food and a good drive. My favorite desert is the black forest cake and there is no better place to have it than Java Green with an ice cold slush! I have a picture of mine, though it's greedily gotten at already!
We stayed the night at the YWCA international Guest house. It was a pleasant stay, save a few mosquitoes. The picture below is me standing at the entrance.
Anne and I spent the rest of the Sunday morning window shopping. My steroid induced tummy means a larger waistline. I got a pair of jeans at a sale and a pair or corduroy pants as well.
The Valentines day hype is so on in the shops. It's incredible to believe anyone can forget Valentines day with the kind of advertising and jazz that goes on in the big cities. Ask anyone off the street in Vellore and they would say "enna pa, intha valentines day ella?"
We got some Subway sandwitches to eat on the drive back. We even managed to squeeze a visit to one of Anne's relatives who live on our way out of Madras, but were in a bit of a rush to get back for the chapel service at 6 in campus.
It was a lovely 2 days and God was with us on the road. The number of accidents we saw were terrible, but we were cared for and kept safe. All we need now is a good sleep and a clean bath! Tomorrow is another busy day. Koby needs a check up (- Anne too!)

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