Friday, February 24, 2006

Back in the deep end!

Life interesting as it usually is has thrown a rather unexpected turn my way. Radiation has begun, and as I write this post, two doses are complete. For those who are curious to know what it feels like, It's not too bad. The Primus Linear accelerator is a fairly sophisticated microwave machine that maps the tumour after a pre set programme and delivers radiation only in the field that has been pre set. The trick is for the patient to be in the same position and place on the table everytime. Thats taken care of by a cast that I am bound down into and a great set of technicians.
The time that I'm getting radiated is similar to the sensation of a hot wind blowing on my chest, just that there is no wind blowing, and my chest feels a bit warm within. My skin hasn't started peeling, or there hasn't been any nausea yet. Thank God for that!
The surprise I talked about is that I am back to work. I went to ask for my posting schedule to be altered so I could go to a clinical posting that allowed for me to go for radiation every day and work for the rest of the time and I was offered to join the hepatobilliary unit immediately! Even though it's a bit sudden, I've agreed to take the challenge. It was our turn to cover the ER yesterdy (admission day in medical terms!) and today we were in theatre today doing some cool stuff! The only difficult thing is getting over the loads of sleep I have gotten used to!
Blogging is really going to suffer though! I only caught a few hours of sleep last night, up all night with some trauma, intestinal obstruction and so on - but it is great to be working again. I may feel a bit sick a few days down the line once the radiation really hits me, but God has been so good, I've sailed through Chemo shielded in his bubble and by prayer! - I am sure I will make it through radiation the same way! I get my radiation at about 7 pm evey evening guys, so keep us in prayer?
I'm sorry I have no pictures today, I'm on the library computer - will try and update once I get my room here is hospital back to order and my internet reinstalled.


km said...

Found your blog via Dilip D'Souza's blog.

Wish you the very best and all the strength!


Anonymous said...

Where ever you are GOD's healing hands are upon you and he will heal you completely iam sure you will be working the same as before.
may GOD bless you more and more and use you in his own way

Benji said...

Hey Tarun
Great reading yout blog.
Came to know more about the real you today (lol... after knowing you for about 9 years!!). Nice to see you're back to the grind we call Post-Graduation.
Took the liberty to mention your blog in mine.
Sure to bump into you again (like we did today!)
God Bless ya.