Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday on call

Sunday on call can be quite an easy day to get through - if the patients decide to behave themselves. I was able to get quite a bit of rest today and most of the patients are doing well.
The nice thing about radiation is that the weekends are off. No radiation on Saturday and Sunday - a break for the technicians, for the machines and most importantly my radiated tissue!
Anne went home for a while to finish getting our room back into shape. She carted a few books clothes and food in the car. Koby is just getting bigger and bigger and can move about quite a bit in her tummy! Its great when just talking to the baby can generate so much movement!
In the afternoon Anne and I went over to meet a patient who I had made friends with sitting outside the Hematology OPD during my chemo days. (I have talked about him in the past). He is back in Vellore for his third Chemo and mid cycle CT scan. It's great the way a malignancy helps break walls and makes it so easy to make friends. We are good friends now and like many of the friends I've made over the past 3 months, I know hey are for keeps!


Anonymous said...

Good to know that Koby is fine and moving wow good . Anne and you will taste all miracle just wait and see ... Iam sure this is a greatest thing in your life you have almost expericed his miracles all through while working and doing internship now also you will.. Do take care . Many people are supporting you through their daily prayers and those prayers will be answered ..

Anonymous said...

Hello. Zoya here. Stumbled on your blog through another...and am I glad I did. You are an incredible human being. You shall be in my prayers henceforth. Thank you for the photographs too. The peace in your mind reflects in your eyes. Cheers to you, Anne and all your family. I shall keep visiting. Have a good day. :)

red said...

hats off to ur courage for writing this blog.i know many people just lose hope.take care.

Anonymous said...

Looks like ur back to being the doctor again...cant keep up with the blog eh...anyways, good you are back where you belong. Take it easy!