Thursday, February 09, 2006

Geez it's great to be back home!

We are back in Vellore. The holiday is over and we are back to the grind! Anne and Tripti start their Post graduation courses on the 1st of March and I hope to go back to work at the same time, even though the radiation will be going on, Dr. Subhashini feels that it is possible to work during radiation.
Anne's father made it back just in time to see us off. He was in meetings in Bombay.
The PET scan has been fixed for 10 am on the 15th in Apollo, Hydrabad. I have been e-mailed a set of instructions that include fasting for 6 hrs prior and to bring all the latest CT scans with me! We will most probably drive down to Hydrabad for the scan - on the road again! It's a 12 hr drive and I look forward to that!
We need to make a trip to Chennai as well, both Tripti and Anne want to buy a lot of medical books and the prices are much lower there. We also need to catch up on other shopping and Anne's planning to trim her hair too!
The trip back on the train was good, but Anne had developed a bad throat and cough which has not settled. I met another NHL patient on the train and spent a little time with him, comparing notes. He had just finished his chemo in a Govt. hospital and was on the train back home. He'd relapsed twice and was not able to have a bone marrow transplant because he had liver disease as well! His doctors were afraid he may not be well enough to transplant with poor liver function. As a result he is on titrated doses of chemo to keep the disease in check. It's tough to say something to such a person. But I have seen miracles in my life, we can only assure others that it's possible to expect the same.
Another nice thing was meeting an old surgery patient of mine from about 6 months ago on the platform while waiting to board the train. To recognize me bald and steroid bloated is difficult, but in doing so - it really makes your day!
So we have a lot to get done, Anne needs a medical check up, before she joins and we both need to dig out our books and read a bit before jumping back into work. I contacted Dr. Subhashini today and she has forwarded the radiation planning appointment after the PET scan is done. This is a picture of one of our teaching buildings - the ASHA building.

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Dhanya said...

I have been reading the blog for the past fortnight. Feels like it is written by someone whom I have been knowing for years. I'm eager to know whats new each day.
Hats off to the effort chipped in to keep this blog going.
You will continue to inspire innumerable people across the world. Best wishes to u, Anne and Koby!!!!