Saturday, February 18, 2006


Today I went in for my CT scan with my markers on the chest mould. These markers help the radiation therapy doctors plan volumes after digitalizing it on their computer. There was a bit of trouble getting the venous line, felt a bit like a pin cushion at the end of it, but that’s the problem with having peripheral vein chemotherapy. Anne was again left at home to prevent her from being exposed to x-rays.
Today is the day for the “Carnival” organized by the first and second year medical students in campus; that’s usually great fun. The event started early evening but we went over after 6 PM. Loads of fun stalls and food. Anne and Tripti tried their hand at a stall where you could make your own clay pot. Tripti made a diya(clay oil lamp) and Anne made a pen stand. There was a potter to help them out, just like the song "potters hand". It was interesting to watch some of the students start off with a ambitious looking pot and watch it collapse in their hands as it got taller and thinner!
I got my head painted. That's Vinay Kuruvilla painting my head! Talented fellow, second year student - he also plays for a Christian rock band called Genesis here in college! I had a dragon, bits of brain matter and a light bulb painted onto my head! Amma had quite a shock when she saw my head, I told her it was unwashable paint! (it washed off quite easily though!). It was otherwise a great evening, we bought a few tandoori chicken and chicken noodles home for dinner.
In general we relaxed a bit today. Went over and talked to pastor Graham, a voluntary chaplain (75 yrs old!) from Australia. He is here to spend time with those in the hematology wards and is a great encouragement to so many patients. He asked me if I was OK after the news of a positve PET scan or just keeping a brave face. A little bit of both I guess!


Sophiya said...

Hey Tarun, Good to know your sense of humour hasn't changed one bit (I meant the unwashable paint). Remember all those crazy stories you used to tell me in first year (most of which I believed)? Still laugh over some of them!
Sorry about the PET scan. But you've put up such a great fight and I know that you will beat this thing!

monu said...

Hello Tarun

U r Bold ... :) .. am happy that u r bold to accept what is gods plan for u ..

God bless u ..

BTW nice painting u have in your head :D

KESI said...

looks like u guys had fun:-).

Anonymous said...

heheheh...(evil laugh)..i njoied murderin yer head...