Monday, February 13, 2006

A day spent running around

Today was spent running around hospital. There are a couple of things I need to take with me to Hydrabad for the PET scan. The last images from the CT and the Gallium are required, and since CMC is totally an imageless hospital with all scans on the internal computer system, getting CD's of all my stuff was a bit of a job.
Dr. Sitaram (head of Surgery) saw me walking around hospital and called me to sit in on a talk he was giving his unit on live donor Liver transplant. That was really sweet of him. He showed us the images of a few cases he had observed in HongKong, where he had trained. It was a good learning experience. I havn't been to the hepatobilliary unit yet, so my knowledge of liver anatomy is quite fuzzy. Got to see Arpith there too - he is the single registrar there and was looking quite tired.
Anne's OB appointment went off well. Koby seems to be behaving and all pressures, sizes and shapes seem within normal limits.
Tomorrow we are off to Hydrabad! Yeah! 12 hours each way on the road. And a chance to finally taste Hydrabadi biriyani. Paradise restraunt, is I believe the place for the stuff! Better tank up on the good stuff before Radiation burns holes in my oesophagus! The only down side is I spend Valentines day away from Anne. Sigh!
As soon as we get back I hope the Radiotherapy starts soon. There has already been a delay of 3 weeks and I'm getting itchy to start. The planning session - where they draw lines on my chest and plan how deep and how much should be this Friday. They want the PET images to co-relate, before they nuke my chest for 3 weeks.
Anne's father will be in Hydrabad on the same day as us - for a meeting, so we will meet up there in Apollo hospital most probably! I have a really nice picture of him and Amma before we left back to Vellore, taken in Kerala with him modelling a new blazer!


Carlos ("Carl") said...

Safe travels, Tarun - and all good wishes and prayers for your PET scan!


Anonymous said...

Hope your PET scan went off well. Looking forward to your next blog.