Monday, February 06, 2006

Kottayam trip

(Our House in Kottayam)
I have just got back from a 2 day trip to Kottayam. Anne and I took her fathers car and drove over to Kottayam which is an hour away from Tiruvalla. We left early on Sunday morning and joined my grandmother to her Church. It was a lovely service; I was really impressed by the pastor of the church who took the first few minutes of his sermon to say a story to the children in the church. I feel that a pastor who takes an interest in the children of the Church needs credit. Anne and I stood in front of the congregation and were prayed for, a thanksgiving from the Church; who were praying for us through the entire Chemo time! In the past I would have been embarrassed like crazy to do this, but now I know we are like an example to others that we have an awesome God, capable of anything!
We spent most of the day after Church visiting those who had been praying for me and close family members. My Grandmother lives alone and the main traveling she does is when one of us goes there or with her sister who has a car. It was great fun catching up with family. I think the greatest fun was convincing people that I was OK, cured and could drive a car around town.
Kerala is hot though, and the end of the day you end up gulping down liters of water! No chemo mug needed at present, I’m craving water, and sweating buckets of it too!
Anne and I made our first long walk today after we got back from Kottayam. This is the first time I’m walking 2 Km after my knee ballooned out and I have no probs! A picture of me in the rubber estates as we walk!
We had an interesting dinner with soup, Shawerma and Appam, Anne’s mom’s family had joined us for dinner.
2 more days and we will be on a train to Vellore! Sniff!

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