Saturday, February 04, 2006

The walking stick!

Koby will spend his 30th week of existence on Kerala soil! Mallu baby, and will probably be born out of Kerala to non resident Mallu parents! This was always a great debate in my class at college if the non resident Malayalee’s were a better lot than the pure oileee’s! I prefer to make no further comment!
We are enjoying great cuisine. Amma (Anne) is making really good food but Anne’s tummy is really struggling to put away as much food as she was previously used to – Koby sits pressed against it!
We made another trip into town today, to do a spot of shopping. Its great fun to visit these large clothes shops, sit around and look interested in clothes for a while and you get something to drink! I find shopping a royal pain in general, if you find something you like I would just buy and leave – Anne in contrast, wants to see every color in the range and with her mom to join her…. Walk the plank mate!
Tomorrow we leave to Kottayam. That’s my father’s home, and I will not make a post from there.
Anne’s grandmother made an interesting analogy that I liked about what we are going through. She compared our last few months to a walking stick being made. The stick needs to be cut off the main tree, all the leaves stripped and then left out in the sun to dry. She also added that not any odd branch was good enough to be a walking stick!


KESI said...

Nice to see the photos...I love the drinks they serve at the clothing stores as well...especially the unlimited supply of coffees (and mango juice) from Jayalakshmi in Ernakulum...both of my parents are from Kottayam.

Anonymous said...

good to hear everything , You mean to say you donot like shopping fine sir but it is actually releaving as many people say ..... ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Tarun... that veranda, where Anne is sitting, has witnessed a long record of God's faithfulness.


Anonymous said...

Hey tarun, It's your long lost cousin, Kenryk. (My father is Chacko Cherry) Amachi has adapted to Singapore quite well, and we took a trip around Singapore on 5/2/06

I'd love to come to India.