Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pour some suga on me!

Another early morning bolt out of the house today to make it to the hospital and the blood letting counters! Thankfully it was not for me, but poor Anne was at the needles end! The glucose tolerance test is a nasty test that Obs and endocrinologists believe in to test for diabetes. Anne is going through it because Koby is 1 cm too large as measured on Anne's tummy! (naughty baby, causing trouble for mother in the tummy itself!). This test is nasty, because just apart from fasting until you give the test, you have to swallow 100gm of glucose and keep testing blood for every hour for 3 hours! Appa (Anne) kept us company - this picture is Anne and her father outside our coffee shop in hospital.
My pulmonary funtion test (PFT) was a breeze. When you've done it 2 times in the past even those at the machine treat you like a veterean. By Gods grace, that test was normal as well. The picture was of the patient before me doing his PFT.
My next big appointment was to meet Dr. Subhashini for an overview of my radiation course and to clear doubts. As I went into the cubicle to meet Dr. Subhashini her forst question was - "what are you writing on the internet?"! A little surprised, I feebly said "Blog". I believe some patient had chosen to be treated in CMC after reading my blog and they gave me the credit in her consultation room!! So, I guess my blog now has a new role too! - Canvassing for CMC, Vellore - but I hardly need to do that! Do I?
The meeting with Dr Subhashini was really informative. Three and a half weeks of radiation is what I need. 5 days of radiation a week, weekends off. I can expect - ulcers of the Oesophagus, swallowing problems, dry mouth and blackening and thickening of the skin where they shoot. Over the long term my risk for lung problems like fibrosis and heart problems like heart attacks are high. I can start only after 3 weeks of last Chemo, to allow my body to recover from Chemo and I start with a planning session (Feb 10) where they mark my chest using the CT scan for the original tumour size and radiate that area.
Among my first few questions I had, were if I had to keep away from Anne during RT, and there was a definite NO to that. BUT, since the departement may have stay radiation, she would not come for my RT sessions.
She was keen that I had a PET scan done, but Dr. Mammen will make a call on that. I hope I have made sense - everybody?


Anonymous said...

Thank GOD for all the support and his blesisng for you and anne iam sure Anne will not have any complications .(little tarun must not trouble mom ok ). Hoping to hear good news from Anne and Tripti . And will conitnue to pray for your radiation . I know these blogs do help many people who need support so you are son of a powerful GOD he will use you properly donot worry . Take care of your health and anne too...

Carlos ("Carl") said...

I have a lot of admiration for you, Tarun - responding with such cheerfulness to the prospect of turning right around, after all that chemo, and undertaking 3 weeks of radiation. The possible side effects don't sound very pleasant - but it's a good thing, I suppose that the remaining tumor is concentrated in one place, and they can get at it with radiation.

The resources of your faith have upheld you mightily so far, and I know God will continue to do the same for you in the days to come.


Your fellow cancer survivor,


Anonymous said...

Dear Tarun,

Your courage and openness is a source of strength and perseverance for many, those with and without cancer.
The unknown is often feared. You have helped with your blog to lessen this fear.
I look forward to the privilege of sharing the next part of your journey. Thank you.


Lizzie amama

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Dr. Arun Maseeh, M.D. said...


I am a doctor who was privileged enough to study at CMC Vellore from 1986-1991.
It was a wonderful testimony of what God has done in your life, and I am sure you will be a blessing to many.

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Great going Tarun!!


Dr Arun Maseeh

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