Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Priceless light

Today the old star with its 40 watt bulb within - that hung outside our house through this Christmas season finally came down. As Appa and I set off on our walk yesterday, we commented about how that star has been with us for 3 years now, and every year we take it out pat out the dust and plug it in. We bought it by absolute chance, when we went to the bakers shop, I saw it hanging across the road and paid 25 rupees for it. It’s the simplest things in life that bring the most joy. I don’t think the most animated or sophisticated e-mail greeting from hallmark.com would be able to provide the kind of ministry of our one star that hung outside the Jacobs house. Bit like that mastercard advert on TV, with the baby contently playing with the cardboard box instead of all the toys the credit card could have bought! – priceless!
My class for Reshma went off well today. She seemed to grasp what I said. Kept quizzing her in between though! I made both a power point presentation and gave her some typed notes to go through later. She had done some reading of her own too and that was impressive.
My shares have gone up by 2 rupees, so that means I have made 200 rupees over the last week! Maybe we can buy Koby a toy car with these profits…. Heck I think a cardboard box will do!
I have one more class for Reshma tomorrow and then I am done with that. We had some running around to do today for registration papers, related to our MS course. Its funny how all official paper work is given with such short deadlines!
So the star will sit in our store until next Christmas, but its message for me as I close the store room door is that however simple we are if used willingly for a greater purpose we achieve more than we realize.
Better get back to preparing for class tomorrow!


WA said...

Hey I was talking about the same star a few days ago in my blog, I haven't seen these elsewhere apart from India. They are lovely

dodosamuel said...

hey machan,

was really inspirational reading the blog. Hang in there - and if you ever want to get on a bullet, let me know - have a couple to spare!!

be strong man, God bless and Happy New Year.

rachel said...

"I will never leave you nor forsake you."
Hebrews 13:5