Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Today is Wednesday again, woke up at 7 a.m for the repeat round of blood tests. It’s not that I’m complaining, but this week, it seems chemo has come just too soon. I’ve not completely recovered from the ulcers of the Methotrexate and my right arm is still sore from the long infusion from last week.
By Gods grace all the blood tests have been normal. 8,700 white cells/ CU MM. That’s ample for tomorrow’s next Chemo. Gosh, after tomorrow, I just have one last one to go.
Today was one for walking. I walked a bit with Anne’s amma and Anne in the morning and with ammachi and Anne in the evening. The great feeling of Anne and Tripti getting called hasn’t worn out on me at least – when people call out to congratulate them, I was shouting “Thanks” back! (Fat lot I’ve done!). A picture from one of our walks. Anne with her mom.Amma’s classmate Dr. Geetha from her medical College days has come to Vellore after a long time, and we went over to meet her in Dr. MC and Anna Mathew’s house. It was a nice informal gathering. Tripti, Anne and I left early because Amma (Anne) was leaving back to Kerala and they were going to send her off at the station.
So, Tripti and Anne have to start preparing for their interviews and I have just 2 chemo's to go before the Radiation therapy is planned. Life is really getting better and better - it's in God's hands, so there is little to worry.


Anonymous said...

"Life is really getting better and better-it's in God's hands,so there is little to worry."

Amen to that!!
Congrats to AnneG and Tripti!!All the best for your last leg of chemo.Our prayers are with you.

WA said...

lovely post Taru, especially the last sentence. Beautiful

ET said...

Tarun ,there is always light at the end of the tunnel... And u've just seen it..

Hope this Chemo is a better one.

Well done to Tripti and Anne. Hope the interviews go great too. Good luck to them!

rocksea said...

great to see you all walking and happy :) tarun, hope u r living life more than ever, sucking every drop of it.

Anonymous said...

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