Sunday, January 29, 2006


Woke up late today, as the general feeling of tiredness continues. I am down to 10 mg of Prednisolone, and at times would just like to pop in a few more pills if it meant I could get back some of that jittery energy of my chemo days! In many ways I'm so happy that the Steroid days are nearly over!
Amma went to her office to try and finish off some work before she goes to Bangalore for a conference.
Tomorrow is a big day for all of us. Anne and Tripti will be having their interviews tomorrow. I'll be meeting Dr. Mammen and planning what radiation if any, the next month has to offer. Appa (Anne) will be here tomorrow as well.
Chapel today was an intersting sermon. Rev. Sunny Philip - a Chaplain in CMC, many years ago - now in Australia spoke. He said 3 points right at the end of his message about Priorities in life, which are worth repeating and I felt relevent to us. The first being that Good Priorities may not be God's priorities, however God's priorities are always good!, seconly God's priorities may not always be problem / hasssle free and Thirdly our Priorities always need to be fine tuned as we move along life. Real food for thought?
The phone at home continues to ring with people so happy to know I'm tumour free. So many e-mails, letters of support and encouragement. Thankyou all -who share our Joy. When it is said that our cup overflows, I guess our life and these events can be described by the verse " surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life."


Marutham said...

Hi Tarun, First time iam visiting your blog. Am very glad to see these lines "Doctor training to be a rural Surgeon."........ I always wished there be a good DOC @ my Parents hometown. And am very GLAD you are tumour free.While reading few of your earlier posts i learnt you were taking steroids. I have heard that steroids may have side effects & i remember watching a show in Discovery(I think) on the sufferings undergone by athletes on use of steroids! Is it different from what you are using? Take care!!!
- Regards, Marutham

Anonymous said...

" surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life."
- beautiful words,wonderful words of life!!
We are remembering Anne G. and Tripthi in our prayers.All our best wishes.

Marutham said...

I noticed this in another friend's (Anbae) blog and try visiting this link when u find time.It is motivating!!!!!!This site Pravsworld is owning by an Indian, a postgraduate.... named Praveen famously known a Pravs J. (

Anonymous said...

A miracle such as this is an affirmation of His continued Purpose
Revealing a future full of Hope and Grace
Watch and see the unraveling of a life so bright
Guided by God's Mercy and Might
So, we pray all God's goodness and mercy
To follow all the days's of Tarun and his family's life

Nitish said...

Hi Tarun,

Just heard from my parents today that you had a blog. I'm so glad that you're tumour-free! Will keep praying that it stays that way.

Also, wish Anne and Tripti good luck for their interviews. OG and Anatomy, right?

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Anonymous said...

waiting for the next blog!