Friday, January 27, 2006

Low on Salt.

Cherry came into hospital today, with me for my second Gallium scan. Negative again and there is no need to do a third scan. Cherry sat quietly with me through the scan, getting worried as to why my liver was looking more brightly colored than the rest of my body! I guess brightly coloured livers and spleens can be quite intimidating for a non-medical person not wanting to see a tumour.
We went for a Poori masala after the scan in the YWCA canteen. It was enjoyable, just for the fact that I haven’t eaten in the hospital canteen for the past 3 months during Chemo.
Cherry went back home after spending time in our hospital bookshop - and I stayed on in hospital to attend the Laparoscopic colorectal workshop. It was a really good session. The day concluded with a lively debate about the cost benefits of widespread Laparoscopic colorectal surgery in India.
The interesting thing for me was some giddiness and severe headache I had while sitting for the workshop. I popped over to the hematology OPD, and talked to Dr. A, who told me that steroid withdrawal also involved having salt loss which causes these symptoms. I’m working on increasing my salt uptake now and feeling much better.
We had a lovely singing session last night at home. Cherry managed to get some tune out of our out of tune piano. Songs like Majesty, Refiners Fire, As the deer pants and such like – praise and worship classics that I just love.


Mind Curry said...

hi tarun, went through your blog. i love your spirit and determination..and i am sure god will be with you.. never stop dreaming..and may there always be stars in the sky to make your dreams come true.

Carlos ("Carl") said...


We continue to rejoice with you that you're not only finished your treatments, but that early signs from the Gallium scans indicate a successful result. I concur with the observations of so many others to yesterday's blog entry... Your joy and enthusiasm in the faith, in the face of difficult struggles are an inspiration to us all.

Keep the faith!

Ruby said...

Tarun love you and the way you have faced each day on a mind boggling,spirit breaking and physically challenging walk.You sure had a tough time you gave and received so much love as each person that knows you would not give up and stormed the heavens as it were to see you come thru. God be praised. chakraummas rubymama