Thursday, January 26, 2006

My Testimony

I had my primary gallium imaging today – I HAVE NO TRACE OF ANY TUMOUR ON THE GALLIUM IMAGE.
God has transferred all we have asked Him for in faith into a reality in my life. It’s a testimony. I’d give him ALL the credit. I have the healing we have prayed for and that so many have been praying for all these days. Like Appa puts it –“I’m not worried - as much as you are my son, you’re His son too and He will look after you.” And God has, so wonderfully!
The day began at 4 am. My gut didn’t let me sleep (Thanks to the laxatives that are supposed to help clear the Gallium from the system). Appa and Tripti came to hospital with me for the scan. Cherry and his friends Titus and Nithya reached at around 9 A.M from Bangalore.
The scan as such took 35 minutes, and I know as the camera was scanning my body – I was praying / mumbling "please God let it not be there." Faith is such an intense thing – Would I have been crushed spiritually if there was a hot spot? Difficult question really, but when we’ve placed complete trust in God, then He makes things beautiful in his time.
After a celebration Mutton biriyani for lunch - Titus, Nithya, Cherry and I went for a walk around campus, sat in the chapel and sang enjoying the acoustics of the chapel.
The Gallium imaging will continue tomorrow and decisions about radiation will need to be taken next week, but Gods Peace continues to fill this house. God has shown us yet again who is in the driving seat.


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!! your story is the best illustration of the Potter and the clay.It is as if I am watching a beautiful pot being formed right in front of my eyes.As you wrote earlier, Jesus is bigger than Cancer and every problem in this life of ours.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

We prayed for His miracle!

No matter what, we must never let go our hold on Him.
He alone knows how best to heal us and comfort us.

Thank you Jesus Christ. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Very, very happy for you, Take care ,our prayers are with you ,

Tim said...

Tarun, our Bible Study group has been praying for your healing...I also pray every Thursday at 4pm with an Indian brother who told me about your condition. We are friends/supporters of Bro. George Cherian, your father-in-law I believe - George visits our church where I pastor when he is in New York. We are so happy to hear about what God is doing in your body! Yes, prayer works!...because God is alive and real and able! Praise Him! Pastor Tim Tyree, Bricktown Gospel Fellowship, Haverstraw NY

Mani Pulimood said...

Hi Tarun

My mother told me that she met your mother today in Ernakulam. We were very happy to hear that your scan through ok. We praise God for the miraculous healing.

I am reminded of a Bible verse that was of great strength to Dr. Mary Verghese when she was alive and working in Vellore.

My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. (2 Corinthians 12:9)”

Another verse my Father kept in his office while he was in Med 1 for his patients to see

When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned (Isaiah 43:2)

Love to all at home. God Bless Tarun and we will keep you in our prayers


Shikha Bhattacharji said...

dear all,
we thank God and are so delighted with this news.
suru, sara, shikha

geetha said...

Praise the Lord! I am very happy for you...

I have been reading your progress, with lots of hope for you..

Take care..

Anonymous said...

I thank God for the wonderful news. Someone recently sent the following video and it strengthened my faith and trust in a living God, who is a loving Father. Perhaps you have seen it already, if you have not, it will strengthen your soul!

Click on the right link to watch the video

Godzheart said...

Hey Tarun,

Its great to hear this wonderful news. People usually have other people to talk about when it comes to miracles....the most wonderful thing is..this is your own. God Bless you for staying strong and being such a blessing. I pray God will use you mightily for which He has."Take hold of that for which Jesus Christ has taken hold of you"
You took the test and its now your testimony.

praying4u said...

hey tarun,
so wonderful to hera about whats happened ,,praise god..
the wya u have stormed thru this crisis with jesus at teh helm is an example o all..
the peace which ason of god experiences in situations like this cannot be matched by anyone else.. all praise and glory to him
will continue to pray4you and anne and koby, say hi to cherry for me..

praying4u said...

Fruit and faith go hand in hand. The incident of Jesus' cursing of the fig tree illustrates this beautifully. If we are to bear fruit, we must have faith in the one who holds our hand. Whatever the task given to us, we will be only as successful in completing it as our faith in the Father will permit.

i read ur blog and my rading for the dya contained that passage seemed so true thru apractical example like urs

Anonymous said...

Great news!! All of you are smiling brightly in the photograph taken today. No different from the photos over the past couple of months! Your family is testimony to the fact that..
"with Christ in my vessel,we can SMILE at the storm."

God bless you!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant news Tarun. Very happy to read it.

It is the Chinese New Year holidays this long weekend in Singapore, public holiday till Tuesday. We will be celebrating with our friends here - and our hearts will be that much lighter, remembering the Gallium results.


Lizzie amama

usha said...

I had my 4th round of A/C today and understand how thrilling it is to be told one is tumor free! I keep telling my patients that's where I'm going to be in March . Youve had a long road, and it's an inspiration that you are emerging victorious.
Bless you
Usha (stokoe)

ursjina said...

Our god is an awesome God..and Im so happy for ya...

Anonymous said...

It is so exiting as i could not see yesterday itself i give all the glory to our precious lord and iam really really happy to know thisfrom you .MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU MORE AND MORE .....

Anonymous said...

I just landed on your site by accident but it is amazing to see how faithful our father has been to all of us. Praise God for His wonderful faithfullness