Thursday, January 12, 2006

Chemo 11

I am writing this post hardly 4 hours after receiving my 11th Chemo. The anti emetic is taken good effect and I am not too nauseated as I type now. This picture is the notice at the entrance of the Haemat OPD, to give you all some idea.
Dr. Mammen was really busy today; a senior Hematologist from the Mayo clinic is in town. But he still saw all of us (his patients) in his methodical, complete sort of way that inspires confidence.
Dr. Mammen was not happy that my mouth was full of ulcers. He used the term ‘bald tongue’, ‘multiple shallow oral ulcers’ a lot and was even thinking of reducing my dose of Chemo for today so as not to give me a tough week. But since my counts were holding out, he decided to give me the regular dose.
We met a lot of people outside the Chemo room today, every week the number of familiar faces just keeps increasing, and it’s great to see people week after week – even though we share a commonality that’s not worth boasting about, we all share a camaraderie that is.
Baby Koby is now more active than ever – I can actually “see” the kicks through Anne’s tummy and that is just too exciting. I sleep talk a bit, and Anne was making fun of me the other day saying I was rubbing her tummy and singing in my sleep! (embarrassing or what!) Appa says Koby will turn out to be a hyperactive clown like his father… Grrr!
Amma (Anne) had a safe trip to Kerala, by Gods grace. We were a bit worried because the train was really crowded.
Hope the rest of the day goes off this well. Pic -us in Chemo room getting my Chemo 11!


rocksea said...

take care buddy. hope you can adjust with those mouth ulcers? when i had last time (mouth full of ulcers ya), i used some ointment which when applied on the ulcers, relieve u the pain so that u can eat properly.

keep writing. itz an INSPIRATION :)


rocksea said...

"for mouth ulcers mix honey with equal amount of water and keep in
the mouth for some time especially before going to sleep." says an old email from mummy.
"try to avoid fried bakery items,especially those which are not fresh,like chips,mixture etc." says another email.

may be these aren't applicable in ur case.. but sometimes they cud be unrelated to ur condition.

Anonymous said...

Glad to note that you didn't have much nausea this time!Hope that your ulcers heal soon.

Anonymous said...

Taran, the strength of your spirit is incredible -- I know your cheery outlook and sense of humor will help you through this tough part of your journey. Enjoy this blessed time - feeling and seeing his "kicks" - what a gift the two of you have to look forward to! You are truly an inspiration - to those facing this disease, and to those of us who play a supportive role. Thank you.

WA said...

oooh an active baby eh! My one actively kicked around and he turned out to be an active child too :) Good Luck and here is to the sleepless nights and the million nappies to be changed :)

geetha said...

I think being like the father is good isn't it? You seem like a very interesting and jovial person.. Koby is lucky to have a appa like you.

Take care...

Anonymous said...

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