Friday, January 13, 2006

Post Chemo 11

Last night was not as great as I thought it would be. Needed to crash early, but managed a very basic dinner of curd, banana and boiled rice. Sadly my tummy didn’t want to keep too much of it down. It’s really a drag to feel nauseated and keep fluids down. The drug Cyclophosphamide that I got yesterday has a very serious side effect – it can cause the mucosa/ lining of the urinary bladder to bleed if you are not well hydrated. Hence the doctors and nurses keep telling me to make sure I’m drinking a lot of water when on this drug. Sometimes it’s easier said than done.
Anne has started her preparation for the interviews, she is doing a little light reading, while I fool around with the computer or read. I’m reading a book by Max Lucado at the moment, enjoy his style of writing. Maybe I’ll put a few thoughts on my thoughts page once I’m done from there.
We have been enjoying Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen’s), on the DVD – watching bit’s and pieces of the 6 hour saga.
Sadly I have no fab food pic’s for today – Once my nausea settles I’ll make up for it!
The old e-mail address that people have been using to communicate with me has crashed. I’ve been getting spammed (sad). All in regular correspondance, please use the new account that I have written at the top of the page at gmail. And if you have ACNE cream to push, Viagra to peddle or business deals to sell – leave me out of it please.
Candid snap of Appa kissing my bald head - Bald IS BEAUTIFUL isn't it?


AnthonyLemons said...

You blinded me with that shiny head...aaahhhh.

rocksea said...

lovely photo. cheers, keep smiling :D

hope and love said...

u look very cute..
hope u feel better now..

KESI said...


WA said...

I love Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice, please tell me you were watching the BBC adaptation with Colin firth and Jennifer Ehle. I personally think that is the best one so far.

And thats one beautiful picture.

usha said...

Hi tarun,
You don't know me but I was senoir to your parents and alex kuruvilla told me about your blog. It's very well done and your father has gone the way of the world with the belly fat like all of us. He used to be slim.
Anyway I have a blog site too because I have breast cancer and am undergoing chemo - very mild in comparison. The next time my daughters complain I'll send them to your blog site.
All the best in your fight against cancer.
Usha Stokoe

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tarun! It's your cousin, Kenryk. ( Cherry Chacko's son)
I really hope to meet you soon!

Anonymous said...

Oi, nice picture! Tell dad we can see his belly button through his blue shirt. Love, Lizzie amama