Thursday, January 19, 2006

It's over now!

The day has drawn to a close as I write this post. It’s about 9 pm and I am thoroughly exhausted. It’s a significant day – not just in terms of what has been achieved, as well as all the activity that went into it!
By Gods grace, the nausea is only far on the far horizon. I got a shot of anti nausea med before I left. Tripti made me a simple pasta cheese, and I ate quickly before the rest settled down to dinner and upset my tummy with the stronger spicy smells.
Anne and I got into hospital at 8:30 am, but were kept waiting because there was a problem with bed availability. Since we started late, eventually we were able to finish only at about 6:30 pm.
Ruby Ammama and amma brought us lunch and Ruby ammama spent the afternoon with us – gently massaging my hand as the Rituximab flowed, or Anne’s back as she complained that Koby was causing her a backache (no help with the hospital beds).
I had played the part of Jesus in an Easter musical ‘Jerusalem Joy’(Roger Jones) in college that had these words “It is over now, Gone this time of pain, never will we ever have to go through that again”. Appropriae words now as well.
An interesting thought that Amma (Anne) heard in a prayer somebody said for me was “Lord, Cancer hasn’t got a bigger name than you!”. It’s a simple but beautiful thought. Though true, if we allow Cancer to take on a larger place in our minds than our faith we have lost the battle. I must admit that at times the crab does struggle to get on top! Thanks to all my blog readers who have shared the journery thus far with me. A public diary is such a vague concept if you really think of it - but I have so many now making the journey with me, encouraging me and hopefully learining too. A long way to go - but as Lance Armstrong said after he wins the yellow jersey at the tour de France - 'Todays victory belongs to so many others too'.
Whats next? - I'll deal with that tomorrow! Need to crash out!


Anonymous said...

Well done Tarun on completing your course of chemo successfully. Looking forward to brighter days ahead.
I do hope this blog continues. Its truly an inspiration.

Angel said...

Glory to God!

I've only been following your blog for a few days now, but I must say I am inspired by your attitude, and your Faith.

Keep going strong :)

Godzheart said...

Hey Tarun, I dont know what to say except...God be with you every single day and strengthen you to enjoy every day.

Ghost Particle said...

Life have never been more amazing. We are all complex creatures, and we ended up sharing our lives across continents. Everyone is important. Maybe your life for now one be a new start, and thank you God for making us all friends.