Thursday, January 05, 2006

Chemo 10 K.O ed

Today was chemo 10. Thats 10 chemo’s complete out of the planned 12. It sounds just too good to be true! Since my blood counts were normal, I went into the out patient department at 9 and met Dr. Kannan who examined me and then took me to Dr. Alok. The only thing that came up on the checkup was my finger tip burning and numbness. This caused Dr Alok some concern and I understand the implications. A surgeon without his finger tip sensation? The idea hit me deep in my gut for a moment! What sort of a trade off would that be? Anyway, the point is to get better and the numbness and finger tip burning is supposed to get better with time after Chemo, and compared to the millions of other side effects that could have wiped me out God’s given me only what I can bear and work with so far. A little finger tip burning will be part of the plan.
Today the regimen was 2 medicines. Vincristine and Methotrexate. It took about 4 ½ hours to administer intravenously. Anne wanted to sit with me through it, even though her entrance exam for Postgraduate is in a day. Amma kept coming in and out and relieved Anne and Tripti for lunch. We are back home as I write this post, but today’s Chemo has knocked me out. I sat nauseated in the car ride back and despite my anti nausea pills feel worse than I have for a long time. I’m also tired. I remember Partho (a junior in college who had NHL too) had told me that methotrexate can leave you feeling quite weak, especially the later doses – a cumulative effect probably. I read a magazine and listened to music as Anne was doing Multiple choice questions on my bed. Tripti joined us for a while and we were humming out some old favorite tunes that played on the walkman - Billy Joel's - "still Rock & Roll",Garfunkle's "Brighteyes" and UB40's "I've got you babe!". The other patients on the adjacent beds must have thought us looney!
I think I’ll crash out early today.
A picture with Amma!


Anonymous said...

dude, hang in there, all will be well man

the bullet guy.

rachel said...

Let my plea reach You;
rescue me according to Your promise.
Psalm 119:170