Saturday, January 14, 2006

Staff entertainment

(Dr Sunil Chandy and co. dancing in staff ent)
What an exciting day! I woke up early to go for the class in hospital, for the Surgery postgraduates. We have some interesting cases discussed there. The Nausea has settled down and life is really looking up. The ulcers haven’t healed, but since they are mainly on the left of my tongue I just need to channel food down the right and avoid spicy!
Anne came as well to hospital, and we did a bit of card shopping, visiting and she studied a bit.
We had a surprise visit from Anne's cousin Sangeetha and her husband Jose this evening. Was great because I'm actually meeting them for the first time!
The main event of the day was the staff entertainment this evening. It’s an event by the staff ( senior doctors) for the Medical students of the college. Such fun! The point is to make fun of them (students), showcase some talent, and have a good laugh. The theme was a new stem cell research lab, and there were a lot of skits, jokes, music and dance.
I have put in a few photographs, hope they speak louder than words!
Left - Appa and Dr Prakash Rao acting in the bagayam tea shop
Right - My boss Dr. Benjamin dancing
Below - A song by Dr. Asha - Tripti is backing vocals!

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