Friday, January 20, 2006

The future!

A day after my last chemo, the day has been so good. Vellore has become so hot that 5 liters isn’t a problem, I’m craving more! The nausea has cleared and the only side effects are a severe pain in my finger tips because of the Vincristine (not just burning) and thrombosis of the vein I got chemo in yesterday, I wonder if you can see it on the picture I’ve put in. It’s the dark red streak on the dorsum of my hand- the pain extends to the axilla though – vein endothelium damage – I wonder if the Rituximab is causing it, because I’m feeling these more after Ritux cycles. Anyone else?
Ruby Ammama has left back to Singapore and Amma has gone to Madras to see her off at the airport.
Anne and I made a heroic attempt at walking this evening, but were bushed after 2 rounds.
What happens now? In a week or so – I take a CT scan with some form of nuclear imaging either PET or Gallium. This essentially tells us what if any of tumor is left. Studies in my type of tumor show a good result if remaining tumor is radiated – even if there is no visible mass, the chances of a relapse are less if you undergo radiation.
Radiation has its side effects too. My skin over the radiated area can burn and peel off, chances for myocardial infarction increase, esophageal ulcers. Radiation is a kind of complex beam that kills cells by cooking them, like an X-ray (well sort of!)
Hey! For those who thought that the end of Chemo would be the end of my Blog, rest assured there is more to come. I’ll continue to write until the still small voice in my head that stated me off, tells me my work is done!
Got another lovely poem today - on thoughts.

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rachel said...

"Commit your works to the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart"
Proverbs 16:3