Monday, January 30, 2006

Back to the Future

Monday - the day, like Doctor Brown of "Back to the future", says in high pitched excitement -is important in space time continuam. Tripti and Anne have their interviews, I was getting prepared to tell a Jet lagged Dr. Mammen the good news that my Gallium was negative and to top things off, Anne's dad has come here from Tiruvalla with good friends Dr. Kunjappan and Vimala. ( in pic)
Dr. Mammen was thrilled to know the result, and said that he had more or less decided on the radiation. He had a pannel discussion with Dr. Alok, the heads of radiation therapy - Dr. Subhashini and Dr Rekha Cherian (Head of Radiodiagnosis), about what they felt as well. This remains to this day one of the strengths of this institution, the ability to consult multispeciality at the drop of a hat.
I've been given another pannel of blood tests in preperation of radiation, an Echo (heart scan) to see how much a heart I have left after Chemo (Adriamycin) and a lung function for assesment after bleomycin.
I am writing this post after my results are ready - my counts have remaied stable and my echo only showed a mild reduction in ejection fraction - within normal limits. Pulmonary function appointment is tomorrow at 11 am. I also meet my Radiation doctor - Dr. Subhashini for an overview of radiation and to answer any questions, if I have any!
Dinner today is Appa (Anne's) treat - we are planning to go out for a steak at Hotel River view. Eating out has been such a dream while on Chemo - now I intend to make it a reality! yum!
So lots done in a day. As I write this at the fag end of the day - I can also add that Anne and Tripti found did their Interviews well. The results should be out in a day or so... In Gods hands now...

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