Monday, January 09, 2006

Toss the salad!

Today was a really action packed day. Anne’s mum has come down from Kerala for the next 2 days and with ammachi, they have taken over the kitchen! A special chicken curry for lunch, loads of fresh peas and so on! But what took the cake today was a salad that Tripti made for dinner – lettuce, cheese, nuts, olive oil, and loads of stuff that made it just too good! A picture of the 3 women cooks tossing the salad and spoiling me rotten!
My tongue has blistered at the edges and my method of stowing away the bitter steroid pills in a large cheese dosai and swallowing in a gulp has backfired, because the large bolus has cut an ulcer on the back of my throat – not too bad, but those who have taken Methotrexate, remember that the mouth becomes so raw, it’s easy to ulcerate it!
Amma (Anne), Anne and I did quite a bit of roaming around today. We tried to visit a friend in hospital, gave in some photographs for printing, and tailor stitch cloth for Anne – Koby is making all her older clothes too tight! We also managed a walk this evening – Ammachi joined us, 2 times around the Campus!
Nachiketh came over to visit in the evening. Nachiketh is a post graduate in Anatomy and we became good friends in the 3 months I taught there. He is one of the best anatomy teachers / colleagues I knew and one heck of a great guy! He finishes his training in CMC soon, and will go back to Bangalore. A big loss. (Nachi, Tripti and me in my jammies!)
Tonight, Anne and I read a passage from Mathew for our devotions. It’s a passage that asks all to come to God, who find their yokes/burdens heavy, and find rest in him. He offers a life with a yoke, but his yoke is easy –he claims and his burden light. How true. The last 2 months have been restful. We thought we had a large yoke, sitting in the ICU, Anne and I wondered how we would face what the future held, but He gave us the grace. He does make our burdens light, it’s when we worry about them that they seem too heavy to take on!
It’s all the matter of a well made salad, I guess. The more we are roughly tossed(lettuce, cheese or tomato) in the olive oil salad dressing(God) the better we turn out.


Tarun Jacob said...

Pastor Carlos e-mailed me with this insight about the Yoke - I will pin it in (hope he doesn't mind).....
Great thoughts on your blog, about Christ's yoke being
easy. I once read something about that passage, that
suggested that the yoke in question might have been a
two-ox, double yoke. These yokes were always crafted
very carefully, to exact specifications of the
animals. Typically, a younger, less-experienced beast
would be paired with an older one, that knew what to
do. Some think this is what Jesus meant when he used
that image - he's walking beside us, yoked along with
us to our struggles and trials, and is carrying the
bulk of the burden.

praying 4u said...

thats true tarun he by ur side to strenthen to hold and encourage u...
i have been reading ur blogs regularly and am really touched by the courage u have been showing thru this.. may my god continue to supply all ur needs according to the riches in glory